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Thursday, December 29, 2011

new house update

well we are slowly getting there !!!! if u have been friends or followed me for awhile it seems like it has been taking forever right ???! lol we are doing this all ourselves and now jay has some free time over the winter the rest will go fast !!! 
we just got our kitchen cabinets in he wanted to wait till they were in before he did the floor so yay they are in and looking i think amazing !! 
pics below 

 u know i am the crazy cat woman right (:
 the knobs are my favorite i bought these 3 years ago !!!! and u have no idea how happy i am to finally have them up and on these !!!!! plans in the long time making coming together!
our cabinets where made by the amish if u live near me and want to know who just message me on fb and i will let u know ! these where 4,000 dollars cheaper than lowes or home depot !!!! and real wood and auto close so u can slam as hard as u want but close automatic <3 will be nice with the kids the finish is black alot asked if it was a dark brown NO i hate real wood color (:

just some things in the house that is already done pictures and video soon !!!
we got black bathroom things  sink , toilet , and jacuzzi  tub ( cant wait to get in there lol ) 2 bathrooms
flooring im not sure yet hubby didnt buy it yet but we have radiant heat ( in the floors ) all through the house
as for carpet in the house yeah its zebra print all through and leopard in our bedroom the kids rooms we just did white and they can decor whatever they want ( they change minds on weekly basis ) so didnt want to paint one color !!!!
they have a hole in their ceiling there will be a rope ladder up to second floor bedroom and will overlook the living room and kitchen on the second floor
my makeup / video / craft room is hot pink love the color couldnt be happier with it i will be decorating it this week so will for sure do a video on that !!!
and my hubby got his 4 car garage sadly we have more than 4 cars so idk how that is going to work out lol see another garage in our future /:
but just a update HUNDREDS have asked and keep asking so here is what we are working on will post pics on facebooks and videos as i decorate and yes a house tour once its all the way i want it !!!!
be blessed thanks for the interest

Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas 2011 thoughts

family , friends , food , and the gifts are nice but as i look around with all i have been blessed with a small tear ... hard times when u go .. i miss u nan... everyday but when u have everyone together i guess its kindof reality and it kindof hit me i hope all my friends realize y we have christmas happy birthday jesus and i hope u looked up today through all the maddness and took time to give thanks for y u are blessed for the loved ones not just beside u but above u ... cherish what u have but have knowledge on ur destiny life is just a journey not where we will end up ... be blessed be thankful im not lucky im blessed xoxo ♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

prank went wrong or maybe not !!!!

well if you are on my facebook u may have seen the video that was on abc news of parents giving their kids bad christmas gifts ect toilet paper , old banana , half eaten sandwich i watched this and admit laughed so hard i wanted to do it as me and my friends kids got together to exchange gifts ... we did it today (; and some hated it older ones kindof caught on but i was impressed with the way my kids reacted ! aspin i gave him a aa battery just one in a baggie he was confused at first but the whole way home he just talked about that battery ( they did get real toys as well after the joke one ! ) but all he was about was the battery what he was going to put it in and how he can always use batteries i was honestly touched lol a joke turned back on me and honestly made me realize what great kids i have ! i always taught them to be thankful for everything and this showed they are ! even as spoiled as they are !!!! kevin got a gravy packet him being 11 could laugh it off but when we got home he comes up and asks mom did u grab that gravy packet i got i said yeah he said o good i didn't want it to get thrown away with the trash <3 very thoughtful ! i did watch some videos on youtube on this and WOW some kids reactions were unreal ! i think this was a good this to do and teaches them that some are not as blessed as others and as some go through hard times alot of kids do not get a lot of gifts so we should be thankful for all god hands us good and bad ! i also think it is very important to learn young on how to take a joke (; and 100% happy with the reactions i got some say it was mean but honestly the kids didn't care one bit and yes they got real gifts after ! but keep this in mind as we ( most of us ) open hundreds of dollars of items this year for christmas understand not all kids will get gifts or lucky to have a good meal that day ! christmas turned into just a gift buying holiday we need to teach our kids its Jesus birthday and to be thankful for family and then the material things should always be last !! a laugh is far more important than a ipod anyway dont get me wrong i love to shop!! buy get and give but keep ur morals first then do what u can with the money u have cause material items u cant take with u in the end all u have left is memories anyway make them last ! this will be a great video to look back on ! i also think this teaches them to be thankful for what gifts they do get even if it is a battery and a gravy packet (; and u wonder y the kids go for the big box instead of the big expensive toy inside ...? think about it and be blessed i hope u all have a amazing holiday !!!!! teach about santa but learn about jesus first be blessed thanks for reading !

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

christmas motivation

in this season its hard sometimes to get motivated without snow and some rainy days make us more depressed than sunny days .. but i love snow at this time of year ! 
but all we have been getting in rain , they are calling for half foot of snow ! so hope this will get me in the mood for christmas as i just have not got there yet ! but i have so much shopping to do ! 
i will be doing christmas haul pictures as i wrap on my review blog links below ..

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those in need one voice can be heard

me and my friend put together a donation drive .. just the 2 of us and now it is a cover story on the local papers ! im proud of how it is going and we will be collecting donations sat from 9-6 .. will be a cold day as we will be outside but will be worth it .. as i see the holiday rush of ppl running around buying pointless gifts ( its fun ) but i wish a lot more would be aware of reality some dont have the money for food on the table or everyday nessary items we use daily tooth brush tooth paste ect .. and sadly some who are in need are afraid to ask ... we need to reach out tho those in need we all are people all have feelings and a lot of us have the same hopes and dreams ... some just need a extra help to be able to reach them .. and boost there self esteem .. life is hard no one should go through it alone or with a struggle life is too short u cant take money or ur items with u when u leave so help as many as u can be blessed and i hope u have great holidays

Thursday, December 1, 2011

be blessed


Dec 1 1929 , the best part of my life was born ... little did i know but looking back on her almost 84 years of life wow what a inspiration .... my nan was my rock she was always there , never judging , and watched my oldest son kevin daily while i was in school , or worked , she loved kids more than anything and her boys so she would say ( my 2 sons ) she was always there with caring heart and open arms no matter what .. and to anyone neighbors she would always help out her family , and our friends ! everyone always called her nan not sure if too many ppl know her by her real name just nan .... she touched im sure many hearts more than i would know of ! her and my pap where married for 64 years !!! u dont see that much they got together when they where 16 and today she would have been 84 thats a LONG time guys ! a lot of us will never see the married life for that long some may but always have gave me hope and hope this touches some high school sweet hearts and shows it is possible nothing comes easy !! nothing u have to work hard for good payoff everyone will fight and argue or not meet eye to eye sometimes but its those who can make the best of it and get passed it that matters and will make it in the long run ! never run from your problems even if its a girl boy problems or whatever it is u have to give life ur all !!!! i can honesty say i have NEVER seen my nan and pap fight im sure they have but one thing i never witnessed ! i was raised with good morals , not to judge , and just take one day at a time , don't focus too much on looks or material things with time this fades the only thing with u till the end is your heart ! so follow it ... and this is what got my nan ... she had heart problems it was her valve that pumps the blood out was slowly closing ... i remember this day like it happened yesterday i just found out i was pregnant with my second son few days after this i find out the drs had given her 6 months to a year to live ... wow they say with every bad news comes a good but alot of stress for me to carry around at the time .... i worried about it everyday she was not going to go for the surgery as i tried to talk her into it at the time i guess i was being self centered because it is not what she wanted she always replied to me by amanda god will take me if i get the surgery or not when its your time to go you just go ... she was worried about the recovery and she was older and just didn't want to chance it .. so finally we had to accept that ... she got to see my son being born and celebrated 5 more birthdays after that ! she passed this year and wow i miss her so much words can not express as sad as i am still to this day .. i look back and wow i am so blessed she taught me EVERYTHING and i mean everything the person i am today is because of her ! same with my kids wow she taught them so much and they loved her so much !!! after my pap living with my nan for 70 years there he is and he stands alone it breaks my heart i go see him all the time but i cant fix his pain i feel useless but he is doing good he is so positive as well and i know that is thanks to nan as well .... my pap loved her so much and her last few days i just wish i could take his pain away i remember it all to clear ... but she had lost her daughter in a tragic accident her daughter was 17 her name was robin .... my name is robin after her <3 she talked about robin all the time i look up and im so thankful she is now with her ... i have amazing angels looking down on me even though i wasn't around to meet my aunt im sure she is amazing as i have heard so many great stories ... im thankful for everything good bad and how i got to who i am today and i am thankful to share this story and hope to inspire one of u reading this cherish the moments u have u may not know at the time u are doing it but when u look back all will be memories and in the end that is all u can take out of here with u so make it worth it !!!! life is a journey but the destination is heaven .. dont take life too hard trust me it will all work out in the end be blessed and today is my nans birthday i hope she heard me tell her that <3 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

life can be a bitch but u have to deal with it (;

real life is not about what the way things could have been its what about what all u make of it will leave u stressed out .. left out wondering the dumbest things .. let everything get under our skin..trying to impress someone fucked in the head but at the end of the day after all said and done get ready to go back at them positive or negative doesn't matter when u living u have to deal with all them leaving life and im happy (; life is all about the things u will never figure out who chooses whats right or wrong all a matter of opion keep ur morals to ur standards its ur life just make sure u kno what u want its ur life but it can be a bitch so u have to learn to deal with it xoxoxox

Friday, November 18, 2011

holiday seasons what to remember ...

i would be the first one to tell you i love holiday seasons ! i love to bake , cook , decorate , shopping (; and family ! i love the snow and long cold nights ... but as we go into the rush of the holiday seasons please keep in mind someone is always less fortunate ... as you go passed the bells ringing for change , give what u can .. if u cant give change exchange a smile , tech your kids the meanings behind y we celebrate these holidays .. other than just a man in a white beard and red suit bringing toys... keep in mind as u sit with ur family to eat and share time together there is someone out there sleeping on the streets with no family and no hot meal .. keep in mind your blessed but also try to share the blessings whatever way you can ... keep im mine some kids do not have loving familys , will not get a toy , as u look out of your warm house into the snow keep in mind those who cant afford to heat their house if they are lucky enough to have a house .. keep in mind the world does not owe u ne thing ! everything u have its not luck ur blessed ! ... true story ... last year i was christmas shopping , i run into a guy with not so great clothes a bit of a smell and no teeth i looked at him and he smiled back as happy as could be as im holding all my bags walking out of the mall he was sitting with no bags barley a winter coat on as i loaded my car i must admit a little scared he got up started walking away and said have a blessed holiday smiled waved and walked away .. as i started my car and thought wow its cold i couldnt help but wonder where he was walking to and thought to myself how blessed i was to have a car and money to be able to go shopping .. and honestly as i shopped with rude people and the bumps and rude words from others buying hundreds of dollars worth of items the nicest person i met was outside the mall with nothing .. sometimes bad things happen to good people keep this in mind !!! im sure alot of unfortunate people didn't wish for that im sure they have dreams and hopes and wants just like all of us ! but he had his hopes and smiles on ! he is blessed for that ! we all have went through hard times .. but really look back at whatever u think of what u thought was a bad day .. then get educated and look around someone always has it worst off than u ! it breaks my heart as much food and things in the us let alone throw away there should never be a person going to bed hungry or not warm !!!! i wish i could help everyone i cant y i try to bring awareness to you reading this .. hold a door give a smile or give what u can just don't take give back as well too ! i hope everyone has a blessed great holidays ! remember sometimes the people we look at and think we would never have anything in common are the most similar people we can find (; worry about the person inside xoxo <3 amanda

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

will my balloon make it to heaven ?

this blog is going to take a lot out of me to write but was so touching to me i felt like i had to share
as most of you know i lost my nan a few months ago really missed and in my heart forever !

i had my youngest son at the dollar tree i was getting some things for a video and said he could pick out a toy ... what did he pick out ? a balloon but it was the story he told me as we where standing there looking at craft items he looked at me and said im going to get this balloon and let it go and maybe nanny will see it and come back down when it looses air .. as i try not to completely loose it and break down crying i said with tears in my eyes awe that is so thoughtful of u ! he then said well remember when i lost my smiley face balloon did nan see that .. heaven is hard to explain in the first place but to a 5 year old .. as i had tears in my eyes i found a smile and realized how very blessed we where that my nans caring thoughts live inside me and followed onto my kids she has always meant so much and this proves she will always live on in heart ... wow i miss her so much but im so thankful to have someone like her looking after us as she always has .. .. ( i wasnt sure if he would change his mind after the ride home with the balloon ) but aspin then released his balloon not saying a word just got out of the car and let it go looking up till u could no longer see it and he just watched ... after it was no longer in site he looked at me and said it must still have air in it ... walking in the house with tears going down my face he said mom its not going to work is it .. i said i don't think so buddy but was really thoughtful and im sure u brought tears to nans eyes as well but she is watching over u but u cant see her ... and that was about it such a inspirational story but so sad at the same time .. this took alot out of me to hear and watch but wow i truly am so blessed and i have such thoughtful kids ... give up a toy to get a chance to see a loved one again i wish it was that easy .. but will meat again thanks for sharing my todays moments be blessed and be open (:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

choices ?

we all have alot of choices .. when u have a choice and dont make it that is a decision in its self its never hard to make a decisions when u kno what ur values are keep good decisions come from experience and that is done by making alot of wrong ones time is never on our side just make the best choice o well if its the wrong one smile and move on there will be to many more choices to worrie about one wrong one be blessed ♥

tattoos and views ?

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos, ..The tattoo attracts and also repels because it is different, i always say show me someone with a tattoo and ill show u someone with a interesting past and stories to follow beauty is in the eye of the beholder and only one in control of ur body is u never lower ur standards if they cant get passed appearance are they really worth ur time ? only one judgement day and i hope he likes color (; u came in the world just wearing skin u will go out the same make it tell ur story lol sorry guys im bored and rambling tonight

Thursday, October 20, 2011

animals need help

i was going down a busy highway just started to rain ... i seen this huge dog jump over the highway divider i was about half mile behind and in passing lane i slowed down hit my 4ways no one even slowed down i made it over to the side of the road and got out and tried to get this dog to come to me without getting hit u think people seen me and would have helped while i ran across the road ( as it was a flat and u could see for miles ) no one stopped few barley hit the breaks but i had to save this dog b4 he got hit i seen he had a collar with a tag on i finally got him he was very friendly ! she was a lab maybe a mix but did have lab in her but me in mind of my lab ! and i would want someone to pick my dog up if for some reason they got away !!! i called the number on her tag hopping someone would answer cause if i brought another dog home my husband would kill me LOL i had this 100 lb dog in my little vw bug and headed down the highway about 15 mins later this lady calls me back saying omg i dont know if its my dog .... um lady it has ur number on her collar is what i was thinking so whatever she put me on hold to go look for her dog lmfao she comes bk on and says omg she is gone i said i have her in my car told her where i was driving and she was about 30 mins away so this dog ran from home and was 35 mins away from home and on the highway ! she is lucky to be alive met the lady and she got her dog she was thankful and i was glad i could help ! i always try to help those who cant help themselves and we need to watch over our little angels ( animals ) just a word of advice if u are somewhere and someone needs help .. HELP makes the world a better place ! one voice i believe goes far be blessed ..

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Monday, October 17, 2011

my nan missed and loved !

felt like posting another blog just a rant i guess .. my birthday is today and im just so depressed i miss my nan its so hard to wake up and have the reality of not being able to pick the phone up and call her its hard to go to my paps see him depressed and me trying to be strong for him .. its hard not to get a card in the mail from her she would always send cards for birthdays just because and just so thoughtful life for sure is not the same ne more and me being 29 she still always made a big deal for me and my paps birthday ( she loved to do things like that ) and its the tradition i miss ... i tried to make paps birthday as good as i can ( knowing we all are still depressed ) but times change life changes and reality is we wont make it out alive .. she is my angel and i know she is looking down on my daily it just hurts i cant look at her back i have to keep doing what she had taught me to do be strong and be thankful im so thankful she got to see aspin turn 5 and she made it to 28 of my birthdays and 10 of my sons just will be a hard next few months she is deeply missed and im thankful for the tattoo i got for her on my arm ( her name with doves ) i smle every time i look at it .. be thankful for those u have in ur life u never know when they could leave u .. be thankful for life its not guaranteed its a gift be blessed be strong thanks for the suppore <3 rip nan in our hearts forever ! taking care of pap for u <3

another year older another year wiser ?

thanks for all the birthday wishes ! sad i have to carry a extra number around with me weighing me down lol jk but my paps birthday is the 17th mine is the 18th maybe y we have always been so close .. we drove down to take him out to eat today .. didnt have much time with jay getting off work at 5 and hr drive there all we did was eat and come home cause kids have school tomorrow but was so nice to take him out this is his first year without my nan and he was a bit depressed but was thankful to have us and this was the first time he was out since the funeral so was nice to take him out ! we went to a local place where he lives called nite courts ( bar like food ) yumm my favorite ! he had fish i had hot wings and a salad aspin ordered a hot dog but started feeling sick so he didnt eat ;( kevin had butter wings and jay had meatballs and noodles .. simple but nice . not doing much for my birthday just another day really may treat myself to some online shopping ! who doesnt love that aspin is still sick going to try to get him in the drs in the morning then coming home making chili and playing wii and just being a bum for my birthday ... but my last year in my 20s next year i will be 30 omg /: im scared of heights im not going ne higher going to start counting down LOL o well age is just a number and only as old as u feel stay young stay motivated and always young at heart ! be blessed thanks again for the thought means alot ! im blessed with a amazing husband and great kids and family <3 count ur blessings daily xx

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

update on life

as life takes its sharp turns we learn how to go around them alot smoother .. the passed month was hard but as they say time heals all im a strong believer .. just a little update on my life , i am over bronchitis still coughing a bit but feeling alot better ! been still coupon shopping like crazy ! check out my weekly sales on my blog or my youtube for my videos .. my kids are doing great in school , aspin seems to be coming down with a cold as he has been coughing hope it passes soon i hate to see my little ones sick :( my pap is doing good im going to try to make his birthday special his is a day b4 mine so maybe i will get him out of the house if he will .. i have alot going on this month with birthday after birthday and a baby shower and then halloween .. the holidays will be coming up to wont be the same without my nan but i am excited as i do love the holidays i know she is always with us ! the house we have not did much to , jay has been working to many side jobs and not alot done but we will get there our kitchen cabinets should be here in a few weeks ! as for ford he got his stitches out and has to be walked few times a day and exercises on his knee he is doing good he will put weight on it breifly but still babies it and walks on 3 legs for the most part ! he should be 90% better in 3 months the vet tells me . so fingers crossed and thoughts for him for a fast recovery . i have been working on my sleeve and go in again thursday for 4 more hours towards it /: taking forever but takes time , alot of you want to see it and i will do a video on it after it is done ! i have been thinking of doing a tattoo video and will have one up maybe tomorrow ! but about all of a update for me .. thanks for reading and be blessed

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sometimes u have to count your blessings not whats wrong

well i have been off youtube and blogger for a week or so ... if seems when one thing happens wrong it all happens at once ? i guess this is called snowballing affect .... i have felt this for the passed month and as much as i think positive i cant help but to think to myself y ? but i always say when u loose grip .. its too late it will be lost .. so i keep holding on , but wanted to let u know how i was doing and what has been going on as i feel like i owe it to you guys <3 you alll are amazing for the support and i have been so thankful for the cards and everything and kind words all of you have said to me ! truly from the heart thank you ! first it was my nan yesterday was one month without her in my daily life this is a hard reality to grab ne way .. but i know i have a amazing angel looking after me ...! then my car broke i have it fixed now so thankful for that and today it is my dog ford ( my lab ) i took him to the vet it was his knee and he is still there going in for surgery tomorrow ): im sure he will be fine but he has never been in a cage lol poor guy and the recovery time is 4 months so hoping it all goes well he is like one of my kids ! but everything happens for a reason even if you dont know the reason at the time you will get there and in the end i hope to meet you with a smile ! be blessed stay strong and thanks for the support xoxo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

be blessed my thoughts are with anyone who has lost a loved one

Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines, my thoughts are with those who where affected by 911 ( everyone ) but also keep in mind ....even if it doesn't make the news we loose thousands a day keep them in ur prayers too ♥ be blessed

Thursday, September 8, 2011

old coupon new friends ha

people never seem to surprise me ... i must give off a friendly vibe to strangers cause i have more

strangers that come up and just start talking to me than i do people i know sometimes it seems

i talk to anyone so i don't mind at all and find it interesting and fun ... well i was in line at the deli

waiting on getting some lunch meat i have this older couple ( early 70s maybe ) as i was minding

my own business i had a feeling i was getting stairs and as i am in shorts hair up and a tank top

alot to stair at with my tattoos and ears so i expect it .. i looked to the side and lady was and she

just smiled i smiled back and turned away then she gets real close to me ha ? i turn to the side

again and she proceeds to ask me if i sleep in all my earrings , asking if they hurt getting them

done and how her husband didn't want her to get her ears pierced once and pulled off her clip

on earrings i smiled this couple was such a fun couple laughing and joking and her saying

she was going to get her stomach pierced ( as she said it ) assuming belly button asked if i had

that done i said yeah she said o my grand daughter has all that done but ur ears are impressive

haha they where asking if i slept in them and the husband starts laughing so hard saying i bet

its a pain in the ass taking all them out LOL the wife looks at him smiles and looks at me

and says hes a pain in the ass and has no piercing haha then the husband had to show me his

tattoo that he got of his wife's name when he was in the army lol laughs so hard and said that

was a mistake i had to keep her since its on my arm they were just too funny and random

and so like me only 50 some years older .. guess this is a pointless story but this just goes to

show u no matter what u look like or how different the people look u all can have something

in common not everyone is judgmental and this is a nice reality to have , i love all the random

people i start a conversation with and the lady hugged me when i walked away ( agree bit weird )

but my nan would have done the same thing walking away she says u r too beautiful as i smiled

and said thanks hun u take care but here i thought before i talked to them they were starring

to be rude or just to judge but here they had more in common that what i thought just another

life story to show u to be nice to others even if u dont know them we all have our own story !

be blessed be thankful !

thanks for watching and be blessed and be creative (;

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

helping a stranger ?

well if you follow me on fb u know i picked up this woman today .......

she was walking when i went to the dollar tree on the highway ( nothing close to where she was at)

on the way home i passed her again as i looked in my rear view mirror something told me to turn

around as i went a mile out of my way ( divid highway ) i came back across her pulled over and

asked if she wanted a ride ... she was like o bless u ! got her many bags and a box she was caring

in my firebird was a tight fit as not to many words where said ( im sure a little embarassment she

felt ) but i didn't feel like that at all i asked well where u need to go she told me o hun i am going

to the homeless shelter with a smile i said ok.. just 2 miles down the road she said wow that

would have been a long walk ( as she was already out of breath and mid age women ) i smiled

and said well u where doing alot better than i would (; as she got out she grabbed my hand

and said bless u ! not much of a conversation in 2 miles but touched my heart i hope she

finds the strength to turn her life around i don't know her story but she seemed like a great

person going through a hard time i was thankful i could help out as i was going that way ne way

wasn't a big deal at all .... now to the young ones reading ... as i did a nice thing please understand

not everyone walking on the side of a road is a good person u are taking a risk when u do

something like this i NEVER pick ne one up when my kids are with me not because i don't want

to but because u never know the harm , people sadly do bad things when they are down and out

you could get robbed ect ... i try to do only in day light . you never want to put yourself at harm

but i also cant leave someone who needs help when i know i can help them ! jay use to HATE

when i did this !!! he would never understand y i would ever pick someone up i have done it

ever since i could drive ! but we grew up different ! !!!! i was always taught if u can help out

without completely going out of ur way do it ! help out people who need it even if u know them

or not we all are gods creatures ! as i told jay my story from today he shook his head and

did give a smirk ... but i know that women was so grateful and even if she didn't know my name

if i see her again ill just give her a smile .. when you are at the bottom u need a little hope to

find ur faith and dreams again i hope i added to hers ! as im sure a homeless shelter isn't the

most homey place to be im thankful she has a roof over her head ! and im glad i can add yet

another stranger to my friends list (: keep in mind i am NOT telling u to pick up strangers !

but u can help out ! even if its a smile or holding the door be a little thoughtful it doesn't take

much out of ur day and may make theirs ! be blessed be thankful

also 99% of the time i will not pick up someone who is asking for a ride this woman was

minding her own business walking sweating and huffing and puffing (; keep in mind we make

our own road to life make sure u walk a straight line (;

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Friday, August 26, 2011

heres to the memories

everybody starring see the eyes from a far even if they aint i still think they are ... hard times when ur gone im going to miss u ...

back to reality , cant live my life with suffering losses put ur heart in every line not enough time to tell the whole story... but i will

try (: well today was one of the hardest days of my life im sure not the only hard day i will have but it took alot out of me but in

the end we should always come out with a smile ur good memories should ALWAYS out weigh the bad ! today was the last day i

will see my nan we put her to rest today but im sure i will see her again !!!! she is always in my heart and not a min of the days i

will not think about her ! i will carry on her memories and the wonderful women she has taught me to be im thankful and im sure

she is looking down at me with a smile and i promised to myself i would always live my life to make her happy and will continue

to do so and teach my kids the same ! not a lot of good people out there but wow i had one of the most amazing nans there !!!

sometimes in life u loose track of time ... when it catches up to u i hope u have many memories don't like time win u over take

advantage of it i don't want ne one reading this and have them think what did i do with my time ... this is one thing u cant buy

no one can give it to u and when its gone u cant get it back keep this in mind ...

my nans service today was the hardest thing i had to do so far ... but it was just the way she would have wanted it ! so many

people came and shown there regards and many sorries from family members and friends i so enjoyed and just goes to show

she touched so many people ! even with all the support online WOW thanks u are amazing !!!!! as much of a sad and long few

days for me !!!!!! it was healing in itself im so happy she has no pain anymore ! and till we meet again wow i will miss u so

much !!!!! but she will be with me in everything i do ! and in everything i teach ! i will cherish that and thanks for

being part of my memories !!!!!! huggs to each and everyone of u ! i was raised to be aware of the different people in the world

never to judge and everyone has their own story even if u dont meet eye to eye with someone or agree with everything they

do to support their dession because its their life help out those who help you ... and its not your job to judge they will all reach

their judgement day oneday ..... there are 2 types of people in this world great people and the people who lack compassion

and the people who lack this you need to stay clear of they will only drag u down , keep your life filled with positive people

and hopeful memories ! and when u do this im sure u will look back and have a amazing group of friends ! thanks for the

memories ! be blessed and thanks for reading and always make great choices for yourself and loved ones and for those who

you never know will be looking over you (; xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


sometimes people go through life not aware of memories being made around them until they

look back and this is all they are left with , take this into mind and if any advice u take from me

remember this life is fast , you never know when it will be over , you will never know y the

people who entered ur life but they did for a reason .. everything happens for a reason and

simple fact enjoy the memories before they are made during and after .. be aware of who your

true friends are and try to never look at something so long to where its looking negative .. dont

try to plan too far into the future this is not promised live day by day this im sure will make u

happier ! and tell ur loved ones how u feel all the time cause you never know when it will be

your last ... as most of you know i lost the most important person in my life today .. my nan i

am thankful i have had her in my life and i know she touched many others ! she had a heart

problem her valve but didnt want heart sergery they gave her 6 months to 1 year almost 6 years

ago !!!! she is a strong women and the most kind hearted person i have ever met ! i have her

to thank on how i turned out how i look at things and just me in general im thankful for each

story , each smile , each hug and kiss , and each dinner she made for me ( she was always

cooking loved to !!! ) im thankful she raised my son kevin like she did me she loved my boys

along with everyone else ! i can honestly say i never say her and my pap fight ! not once picky

here and there lol but they loved each other so much keep this in mind ( to the younger ones )

the world doest work the way it use to i understand this but my nan and pap were married for

64 years !!!!!!!! most of us will never see this but its possible everyone doesn't meet eye to eye

all the time its how you work around that is what matters ! i was always taught to never give up

, don't go to bed mad , sounds simple ? not alot can do it .. my nan and pap i witnessed to it and

it works and honestly they loved each other so much it hurts to know she is gone , but im

thankful for the wise words , im glad i got my tattoo for her when i did and im so happy she seen

it i will be adding onto it and its closest to my heart like she always will be to alot of people im

sure ! we all dont live forever and this is a hard reality to deal with but even if they are gone

they will always be with you .. always listen to your heart .. as hard as it is to let my feelings

and selfishness go ... i know this was the best for my nan she is no longer suffering , and no

worries now i have the best angel looking down on me !!!! i feel bad for my pap they say time

heals all and i think it wont heal will make it better to deal with tho .. life does not owe you

anything , its not promised its a gift so cherish it

and when its gone be thankful this is for my nan thanks for making my life amazing smiles

and memories in my heart forever , lost but never forgotten .. thanks for the thought and

support once again and be blessed xoxo

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

homeless or hopeless

..... keep family close and always take the time cause as life goes by someday the time wont be able to give xoxo be blessed we were on vacation this passed weekend and ran into a homeless person as some where saying eww and negative things , i always think positive and im always thankful for how my life played out and always remember what it took for me to make it here ! as we all have went through hard times i couldn't seem to stop thinking on how he got like this , where his family where if he had any i am under understanding you are in control of your life and things happen and get out and look for a job but i keep in mind how do you get a job if u have no address how can u look presentable if u have nothing to wear as now the world is hard now with jobs ect .. can he just not get a break or does he have a support system ? think of how your life would be if all you heard was negitive things and no hopes and dreams or if you still could hold onto your hopes and dreams with living on the streets .. as he got up and stumbled away drunk with pee on him i still had a sad feeling in my heart my mom turned to drinking when she was down and out so maybe that is what he had did some say o look a homeless drunk i look at it as he just needs a hope as i left some change and a dollar i had not much as i didn't know his story but even if it wasn't alot i hope it would give him hope be thankful for where you are even if u are not where u want to be never give up keep trying u will get there ! god has a reason for everything and even if u don't know the reason now i believe it will work out in the end be blessed we are all the same as we all grew up different and made different things out of what god has gave us what we all have is hope its just who gets the chance to act on it or not .... don't judge someone by what they do where or how they live but yet for who they are inside this is what matters and is what will last tp the end a stranger could have more in common with u than u could know and even if words are not exchanged its the simple things in life that means the most sometimes the unspoken words are the most powerful ! even tho he didn't know who left him 2 dollars and some change i hope at night when he is out sleeping under the stars and im at home in my bed i hope he looks up in the sky and gets a smile and hope even if he did spend it on another beer he has a little spot in his heart for the hope to change and he is in my thoughts and prayers no one deserves to live like this it breaks my heart be blessed be thankful and help out what u can

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tough times ? or how life always plays out ?

you ever feel like u are in a busy room screaming at the top of ur lungs and not one person looks up to see what is wrong ? i have made blog post about this many times before and if you are a close friend , follow me or even a family member , you know how important my nan is in my life .. i thank her for who i am today and she is such a strong kind hearted women . ive never once heard her complain or say she was so sick ! not once ! she has been ill for a few years and is now on oxgen but always goes so strong bless her heart ! this passed week she got sick she was just so tired all she wanted to do was sleep ( not my nan at all ) thank god for my pap he is such a great guy to and together they are perfect im thankful i had a strong family support growing up i learned alot and i still keep learning as the years go by ! she went to the hospital today and im surprised she went as she wont go unless she is really bad ! im thankful she went the amblance picked her up they admitted her and have her on iv they also hooking her up to a heart montior as where most her health problems come from ! im thankful for all my facebookfriends messages calls and text messages i am truly blessed ! thanks for having me and my family in ur thoughts and prayers ! i hope she pulls through this i sometimes look at things and wonder y ?? she is such a amazing person to be suffering but i am glad she is in great care of the hospital its so hard to look at someone u love so much in pain or so uncomfortable and not be able to do ne thing but she is admited and will see her tomorrow thanks for the support ! as you also may know my mom was sick it was her thyroid she was checked for lime deise and came back negitive she was also in the hospital over the weekend but out and feeling alot better today so i am thankful for that too ! it seems when one thing happens it all happens but stay strong and let god play out life as he has it already planned ! be blessed be thankful as i am thanks for reading and <3 xoxox just thought i would post this to let u kno what has been going on in my life as i have been mis for few days !
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

my advice ?

no one in this world u will meet will have the exact same points as views as you ... we all were raised different ways, different places , different schools, religion , friends , we have different hopes , wants , dreams , style , we all think different ... with this in mind carry this into your relationship even if its just a friendship, relationship, or a marriage . my best advice is take one day at a time life is too short to have it all planned out before it happens , and if you plan too far ahead you are just setting yourself up for disappointment !!! enjoy the simple things ! be thankful and be open . that way when you do something that they may not understand or agree with if you talk and explain your way of thinking about it this will educate them never take ne thing for granted ! always remember with age looks fade , the only thing that will last you till the end of ur life is your heart ! so fill it with warm memories ! just because you think you dont like something ( or if you know you dont like something ) be open to it try everything once ! if you dont like it and your other half does do it you will learn ways to have fun or adapt ! this way when you want to do something that they dont like its fair (; never go to bed mad ! dont over do a argument ! everyone EVERYONE argues ! but dont over do it say what is on your mind ONCE no need to repeat it or scream the point will get across ! if its something small write it out for yourself no need to get someone mad over nothing ! true love will be through thick and thin life isnt easy neither is marriage you will have your ups and downs like everything else but make sure the most important things out shine all the bad no need to dwell on the bad times these will pass and you will look back and im sure relax the good times not the bad ! always work together .. give lots of kisses and hugs , be thoughtful the small things count ! life is made up of small things to get to the big picture ! respect others even if its not something you would do if its not harming ne one be open minded ! always remember birthdays holidays and make your own traditions up for each one something to look forward every year ! take time ! if something doesn't get done no worries it will still be there tomorrow! take alot of pictures ! smile too much always think positive ! if something was meant to be it will happen no need to worry about it everyday ! never look for love it will find u when you never expect it ! sometimes opposites are the best ways to get along , you can teach each other alot !!! never be judgmental no matter how bad the inlaws can be (; be open minded but not too open minded where everyone knows what you are thinking ! i say this alot some things are not for the world to know ! understand how life works ... you will NEVER know how life works there are no right and wrong no rules to follow just all points of options and the only persons options you should take to heart is the one you will be living it with ! today is me and jays anniversary ! he is amazing and we do so good with each other im thankful for him being a great husband and dad ! hes a good uncle , son , friend , boss , person , just everything he is truly amazing and im thankful to have him in my life ! years and years go by and i still remember how others thought how we where truely opposites witch maybe on the outside we where .. but honestly i can count our fights after all these years on one hand , we are perfect for each other i truly believe this we taught each other alot and im sure will go one to teach each other much more ! he supports me in everything i do even tho sometimes he shakes his head when i do it lol but always at the end of a day a smile or just a random story to add to our story of life ! this makes our lives together much more stronger ... he does so much not just for me and the kids for everyone and even though we always say thank you some of them never do but he is such a kind heart !!! and y i love him so much ! he is so easy going and kind hearted im thankful and blessed and happy to say happy anniversary ! heres to another year (; i still think of the days how he knew who i was and i had no idea who he was he knew me as gypsy ( nick name he made up lol ) and life is a mystery even tho we cant say y things happen trust me it all happens for a reason ! jay was fait and i wouldnt change it for the world ! be blessed for who you have in your life who u had in your life and who you will have in your life we all change others views if you think of it or not be blessed thanks for reading !

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Friday, August 5, 2011

my mom

what happens when someone who raised you , and you learned everything from .. slowly turns to you for help ?... i have said this many times before but how life works .. my mom has been sick a long time she was a achololic for many many years most my times i have with her she had a beer in her hand ... i never held this against her , tried to change it , but accept it she had went through alot of hard times in her life and as i still look back on it now im thankful that is all she turned to . she either way has always been there.. and could handle her booze you would never know she was drunk by actions , only if you smelled it ... to this day i am not a drinker i had to help my mom get through alot and becoming clean was one thing added to my list (: she had a ulcer in her stomach that exploded and was really bad ! lifeflighted and alot of blood transfusions ... she cleaned up and im so proud ... after being clean for years i wanted her to be happy , she is a beautiful women inside and out , but with age as looks fade , she slowly lost her hair ... then she lost almost all of it , my mom is very stuborn ~ she doesnt like going to the dr unless she has to finally she just started going ( i think she was scared of what she would hear ) sometimes the unknown is always the most scary ... thankfully this passed weeks she found out it was her thyroid ... as she is only 100 lbs .. she got sick and just wasnt hungry , all she wanted to do was sleep .. richard ( my moms husband ) panicked and took her to er cause her symptoms were the same as years ago when she had the bleeding ulcer ... but just her thryroid they put her on meds and she seems to be slowly turning around for the better .... sometimes i just feel so bad for my mom ( she worries alot and is like me in many ways ) she gets embarrassed to go out with no hair wears hats and just can tell its not my moms outgoing personality she would normally have ... she is a great person and i hope she can look in the mirror and understand this ..... and to these type of people who judge right off the start without knowing a person weather its on a persons looks , actions or habbits or lifestyle dont look down on them ..... for every action there is a reaction ..... everyone life is different we deal with different things we all are not perfect ... but pick the good things out im sure there is many more good things about a person than negative ... and after weighing out ur options after getting to know a person not by just looks then if its more negative than positive y waste ur time ? you can only give advice and try to help so much until u get pushed away trust me !!! there comes a time where u grow to accept the person for who they are ( not agree but accept ) learn to short differences and still have a great time live ur life but let the loved ones u are there if they need u ! it all works out in the end sometimes its the words never said that mean the most or made the most changes in the silent of life ....... everything happens for a reason no matter what that reason is ..... mistakes are life lessons no sense in regretting them it wont get u ne where look back smile and move forward more educated be blessed and take care of the ones who care for u !

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Monday, July 25, 2011

little thought big meaning (;

life ?........ its a long road ne thing worth something is .... give it ur all, if u fail, that doesnt make u a fool.. , its not easy ... make smart choices try to do whats best .. ...... this is a test when its hard to smile remember the fight is always worth while (; xx

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Friday, July 22, 2011

thoughts at 130 am

life is all about opinion ..... u will never get 100% answer on anything just points of views choose wisely

thoughts of this morning

im thankful for everyone in my life my friends my family , my supporters, and i have met amazing friends online amazing how one thing can bring everyone together ... even tho we all are from different places grew up different , have some different interests , we still can all relate in one thing something we all have in common .. life ... so thanks for those who take the journey and have me involved in it im blessed ! keep ur loved once close and never loose touch with a friend someday we will all look back and only have memories and i will be thankful to have u listed in my memories ! im thankful for the memories be blessed ! always remember material things are nice but they will fade ... looks are nice but they also fade ... worry about u on the inside first the only thing that last with u till the end is ur heart (; thanks for reading thanks for being part of my family and to my real family my husband and kids are the world to me and im so thankful for them xoxox

Thursday, July 21, 2011

thoughts from a complete stranger ~~~~!!!

we were at the mall me my husband and the kids this was months ago !!! we were looking at jewelry at jc penny .... this older brittle man and his wife came up to me and just started talking away i stood there and talked for about 45 mins to them many stories and just such a sweet couple !!! they were not able to have children and were so interested in ours ... idk but they seemed so sweet ( not creepy as odd as it sounds ) then they wanted my address ???.... to send a card to aspin on his birthday they told me as i had a po box i use out of my town for youtube i didn't think twice and gave them a address i then got his as well to send christmas cards ( they didn't look like they had a lot of money but such a sweet couple ) its been 3 months aspins birthday is in 2 weeks i go to our post office and find a package ... no idea who it came from .. but listed for aspin he opens it up and come to find out it was from the old couple we had met months ago ! with a little note im so glad to send this as we have no grandchildren hope u have a great birthday .... they sent all spiderman items ( as aspen was in all spiderman and was getting a toy that was spiderman when we seen them ) i must say i got a tear in my eye when i seen this ! they sent him a hat a towel socks stickers and a spiderman coloring book inside the note said im sure ur creative just like ur mom .... and that was it .... this is such a sweet thing for a complete stranger that spent 45 mins talking to me ... i feel so thankful to have got the time to talk to them and i als feel blessed to be able to have children ... some get sick of buying their kids things and i always hear parents say u don't need ne more toys ect sometimes its not the toys thats a big deal its the memories and learning they will have and u will keep in your memory of the toy .. this goes to show there are still kind hearted people out there how some things we take for granted and how others cant have what we can and nothing they can do about it ... take this to lesson if u can help someone do it even if its a smile to a comple stranger it may change their life and u may not even know it !!!! i am sending them a picture of aspen ( listed below ) he drew them a thank you card and i will send them something back just for being so sweet and aspen loves to get packages in the mail and this is a memory i will have for a long time so this is for strangers to become friends to some of us who look so different we think we have nothing in common ... give these people a break u may have a lot of stories to share ! be blessed be thankful and spread thankfulness around it will put a smile on someones face for sure ! just my random story i had for today and hope to have contact with this couple again ! xoxox

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Monday, July 18, 2011

tonights simple yet truthful thought

if u find something that bothers u about someone y talk about them just walk away and start over strong friendships are hard to find y in the end u will have ur true friends on one hand when counting look for quality not quantity

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thoughts on casey Anthony case...

first i want to say yes this is a tragic story from start to finish she shouldn't have had her life cut short due to her mom... she is in

gods hands now and a little angel be blessed your mom will get the real judgement day soon enough ! being a mother of 2 if your

kid was missing for a day you would be a mess wondering looking and calling the police im sure is the 1st thing you would

think of !!!!!!.... but 31 days just that i would say guilty not to add up all the other evidence going against her .... a tattoo ?? while

her kid is missing sicking drinking ect well shame but sunday i guess she will pick up where she left off but don't think that will

be too easy for her .... the media locals will be hard on her and im sure she will go into hiding for a bit but now she signed with

a hollywood producer for a reality show sick and not right at all yes but im sure it will be a top hitting show as i hate to think of

or admit .... now to all who goes on and on about this i know yes it is shocking !!! yes not the way it should have ended but too

late she will get hers sooner or later ! this i

can promise u ifs a family member hater or god she will have a judgement day soon enough .. does make me sick but u also have

to understand with her getting out sunday the publicly you are tweeting facebooking pages being open , blogg posts , ect isn't

helping i understand ppl r outraged but at the same time really sadly this happens a lot shame but alot of young kids loose their

lives and this one just happened to be picked up by the media .... shame that america system is being shown as this trully it

makes us look very week .... and with the jury coming out saying they are not happy with the choice they made well maybe they

should have thought about that b4 they came bk with a verdict in 10 hours !!!!! either way its a little too late ... but she will

never live this down and not the first and im sure not the last that this will happen with she maybe needs to meet up with oj .. i

will no way watch her show buy a book or watch a movie and i would strongly agree for others to do the same but im sure not

how it will all work out either way i wanted to just remind u this is a shame but happens all the time for those putting her

picture up ect please remember all the other little kids who lost their lives as well who didn't get a publicized case as maybe if it

was some would be home safe now .. ? either way i strongly agree that everything happens for a reason maybe we don't know

the reason as of now but trust me this happened for a reason ... tho shall not judge ? maybe just leave it to god and by her

getting through this with the court maybe it will change and make others harder to get away with it ... so stay strong remember

those who lives are lost but be thankful for the family and loved ones you have .. your only responsible for your own actions

others will have to pay for mistakes later be blessed amanda

and all my other random blogs something for everyone (;

Monday, July 4, 2011

little vent

i find it annoying when some ppl r looking into someone so hard they forget to look at their actions. its annoying when someone does something that they flip out on u about doing when its the same thing i find it rude when ppl only call or come around when they want something and when u need help the offer is never there ... i find it unbelievable when they judge u how u look when they have known u for years .. i find it insulating when i hear them talking shit on someone else ( only makes them look bad ) i find it funny they have no friends and i find it comforting others know how i feel who know them always remember the ones who walk away with a smile and few words said are the ones who will look at them at their downfall and say karma was bound to catch up with them never feel bad for others actions you are only in control of your own , we are not able to help who we fall in love with even more how our in laws or family is .. people who hate are jelouse or just unhappy always keep a smile and strong morals assholes hate this no matter how hard they try to bring u down u will always be on top in gods eyes never lower ur standards and ppl who are rude are looking for entertainment and are a waste of time spend little time if ne on these ppl sometimes we will have to deal with ppl like this but no worries ur better than this (; u may have to put up with it for a few hours just be thinking thank god thats not the life u have to lead be blessed

Sunday, June 26, 2011

thoughts as of now

in life we will never understand each other 100% we all have different thoughts, different goals, we grew up different , were taught

different things , we may eat different, look different, talk different, but we all have one thing in common.... we are human.. we

make mistakes, we learn from others, we cry, we smile, we love, and sometimes we hate, we hope we dream ( even tho it may be

different ) we can all relate to each other in one way or another... u never know what u have in common with a person by their

looks first impressions are important but never written in stone .. have a open mind be thankful for how we all are not the same

cause if we were all alike think how boring it would be .. don't hate someone cause they don't wear what u like judge them from

inside out because altho the cover is nice to look at u will never know what the book is about until u open it up and look into it

pick ur friends wisely , like everyone but not befriend everyone .. lets point out good things and remember the bad but do not

dwell on it bad things happen to good ppl but what makes the difference is those who learn from mistakes or bad times

and turn it around to a positive thing weather it teaches u for what not to do next time or give advice to someone yet to go through

it lets work together and things will go easier be blessed and be thankful thanks for taking the time to read



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the simple life ?

sometimes its the little things we forget about ... sometimes we take life for granted .. or sometimes we are just not thankful for what we have or how long we have it ... sometimes u focus on what we don't have more than the things we are blessed with .. sometimes we just have to set back and let our life in gods hands when we don't know what to do anymore .. its small things like breathing we don't think 2x about until u cant ur looks or money wont get u into heaven only ur morals will ! please keep my nan in ur prayers xoxox

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


shouldn't b hard to make decisions when you know what your values are....Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions...Learn from the mistakes of others, u won't have time to make them all urself , but take advice lightly

Thursday, May 5, 2011

holidays but really what matters ...

Sometimes in life we forget where we are going, we loose touch with close friends, we don't take time for ourselves and others

like we could, we forget all the bad things lead up to our happy moments, we forget happy our pets are when we come home

we forget how many people we have a impact on in a daily life even if u don't know or realize it, we forget to be thankful for

everything a lot of others are living with a lot less and we take simple things like food and health for granted, we forget to say

thank you, or miss u and sometimes we don't say i love u as much as we should, but for some reason everyone starts remembering

on a holiday,.... really a holiday ? and what are holidays about not mothers day... because in my eyes we are a mother and have

a mother everyday ( not hating on holiday just statement ) but do our kids know the true meaning of easter ? other than a bunny

do our kids or u know what christmas is other than gifts and food ? we need to slow down in our busy days and realize these

everyday things holiday or not have a impact on our daily lives everyday just not one day a year so be thankful all the time

let ur mom dad grandparents or kids know u love them the same everyday... don't expect ne thing in return u are only responsible

for your own actions and our kids learn from our choices and life views this is what passes down ... not a flower or a toy

sometimes things are out of ur reach and we cant help for what happens in the future or for this matter what had happened

in the past so just take a day at a time don't focus on the bad just accept it deal with it and turn it around to a positive thing

this is what we need to be teaching not o what are u buying mom for mothers day ... what happened to being truly happy over

a homemade card ... the world will take u blindsited if u are not aware of ur surroundings simple is better and yes once u

understand the true meaning behind life then the items will follow but lets be thankful for each other everyday because

in the end most the holidays are just made up and a money making sceme don't get sucked up into it too much ! be blessed

have a great mothers day everyday kids are a blessing and grow up fast cherish it xoxoxox

Monday, May 2, 2011

war over ? my thoughts

So we all heard the news the terrorist was caught * everyone parses claps and celebrates ...? this is good i am not knocking him

being found killed ect ... i want to see proof but either way we need to take the focus off the president as a lot ( too many ) giving

credit to him .... really he did nothing he stayed safe and just the messenger !!!!! i am thankful for the men and women who are

over there fighting for our so called freedom. my thoughts are also with the families who have loved ones over at war .... be

blessed ... but i hate to be a downer but i don't see gas prices or war stopping .... we find a reason to keep going and only believe

half what u see and nothing u hear talk is cheap real cheap when coming from the government !!! y would they throw him in the

sea? either way i could go on and on about this. but sadly we cant just pull out of war. if anything my thoughts are this could

add fuel to the fire bin laden yes was a master mind of 911 ( bless whoever had loved ones im sorry ) but really the only lead we

have and IF he is gone we have no more leads he was the thought behind it but who carried out the plan he has people behind him

and how will they go down just defeated ? and when we are all celebrating ( not me im just sitting back observing ) could they

hit us when we are no paying attention ? just thoughts but only god can judge be blessed be thankful and be amazing just

small thoughts of what i really think u have to be careful on politics talk as it gets twisted but what are ur thoughts leave me a


ur future

Our faith in the present dies out long before our faith in the future....We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there

Thursday, April 28, 2011

asking for advice here is advice on who u are asking

if you are asking for advice deep down u already know ur answer,... but just want reassured someone is on the same page as u.... do ur life choices for u ,.....half the people u tell ur problems to sadly don't care and the other half are glad u have them say all the time will tell u again choose choices wisely a lot like to lead u the opposite way this is where u need to pay attention on who u ask advice

everything for a reason

i always say everything happens for a reason..... i also get asked well whats the reason... i cant answer this and no one will give u the right answer but i do promise u someday u will look back on what happened and realize the reason just have faith everyday u will get to were u where meant to be be blessed (

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

choices add up fast think !

It's not hard to make decisions when u know what your values are life will total all ur choices ... in the end the little choices u make will be the live u end up living...., all adds up think with every little decision they add up fast !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

advice ?

so tired of giving people a reason y u do things like really the reason is life ... u can .. u like to .... ur happy and u really don't care for others approval (; only approval u need is urs not too many will support u truly any way ..a lot to your face few to ur back care about ur close friends and loved ones be true to urself and live ur life with no worries

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours, Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny... choose wisely and have good friends to stand beside u

Thursday, April 14, 2011


life is like ur own movie and when u play it back in your mind is it going to be interesting ?! its the simple things that add to your life story remember them hold onto them for soon all will be a faint memory worried about being judged for what only god can and for the ones who think they are good at judging others, im sure they are on the bottom (; life is urs make the most of it.. and yes i do document my life no complaints u know u like to be nosey and a part of it

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cherish life for soon u will look back and all be a faint memory

today my thoughts are with a family friend... my sisters good friend has been through a lot in her life i admire her look up to her

and she is truly amazing !!! she had lost her son years ago and yesterday, she sadly lost her oldest son. my thoughts prayers

and feelings are with her, as i cant relate to loosing a child, i watched my nan go through it and know it is a life time change

and i couldn't even imagine how i would deal with it let alone loosing 2 !!! he passed away sadly in a car accident on his way to

work.. he fell asleep behind the wheel, he hit another car but he was the only one injured. this is heartbreaking he is married

and has 2 young children. so blessings to the loved ones im here if i can do anything !!!! to the rest of you a lesson... you never

know what could happen how long you have here how long you are with your loved ones... you cant worry about it but cherish it

be thankful for everyday you have good and bad some bad we cant ignore but some simple fights we can! its a waste of time

we need to wake up daily and be blessed with everything we have weather its loved ones to what u own or what u don't own and

bills (; whatever it is be thankful u are here you make ur life story make it interesting i say this a lot but truth couldn't be said

more ! im so grateful for everyone in my life and sorry for the things i cant change but we can always be good people be there

for someone who needs you for whatever reason even if its a stranger help what u can educate what u can and spread the word

as best u can in the end looks fade and all we have left are memories and our mind ! be blessed and be thankful again my

thoughts are with all who are going through a hard time and my thoughts are with japan ! no matter how bad u think u have it

wake up look around and smile no matter how bad it is now will get better time heals everything and no matter how bad it is

could always be worst ! be thankful thanks for reading xoxoxo amanda