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Friday, December 16, 2011

prank went wrong or maybe not !!!!

well if you are on my facebook u may have seen the video that was on abc news of parents giving their kids bad christmas gifts ect toilet paper , old banana , half eaten sandwich i watched this and admit laughed so hard i wanted to do it as me and my friends kids got together to exchange gifts ... we did it today (; and some hated it older ones kindof caught on but i was impressed with the way my kids reacted ! aspin i gave him a aa battery just one in a baggie he was confused at first but the whole way home he just talked about that battery ( they did get real toys as well after the joke one ! ) but all he was about was the battery what he was going to put it in and how he can always use batteries i was honestly touched lol a joke turned back on me and honestly made me realize what great kids i have ! i always taught them to be thankful for everything and this showed they are ! even as spoiled as they are !!!! kevin got a gravy packet him being 11 could laugh it off but when we got home he comes up and asks mom did u grab that gravy packet i got i said yeah he said o good i didn't want it to get thrown away with the trash <3 very thoughtful ! i did watch some videos on youtube on this and WOW some kids reactions were unreal ! i think this was a good this to do and teaches them that some are not as blessed as others and as some go through hard times alot of kids do not get a lot of gifts so we should be thankful for all god hands us good and bad ! i also think it is very important to learn young on how to take a joke (; and 100% happy with the reactions i got some say it was mean but honestly the kids didn't care one bit and yes they got real gifts after ! but keep this in mind as we ( most of us ) open hundreds of dollars of items this year for christmas understand not all kids will get gifts or lucky to have a good meal that day ! christmas turned into just a gift buying holiday we need to teach our kids its Jesus birthday and to be thankful for family and then the material things should always be last !! a laugh is far more important than a ipod anyway dont get me wrong i love to shop!! buy get and give but keep ur morals first then do what u can with the money u have cause material items u cant take with u in the end all u have left is memories anyway make them last ! this will be a great video to look back on ! i also think this teaches them to be thankful for what gifts they do get even if it is a battery and a gravy packet (; and u wonder y the kids go for the big box instead of the big expensive toy inside ...? think about it and be blessed i hope u all have a amazing holiday !!!!! teach about santa but learn about jesus first be blessed thanks for reading !

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