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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Circus fun or animal cruelty

So my family and I went to the circus , I personally love the circus! However I also help a lot of animals! And people knowing I am a animal nut it didn't surprise me when I was messaged a few times by different people letting me know about the horrible training in circus that might sometimes go on and even when I went into the circus the people standing outside with signs protesting about the animals. And I was asked how I could support it. And to be honest I was Givin the tickets from my dad he is a shriner, they help hold the circus they also donate and operate hospitals. I personally also am aware of the inhumane things done for animals with everything... not just the circus, but food industries , makeup and products that still do testing on animals and not to mention all of the personal sick people who abuse animals. Animals are smart nothing wrong with testing how far they can go. I am against animal abuse but anyone who thinks all circus are abusive I don't believe I'd have to see it for myself. Some of these animals love the trainers I can tell. Either way the circus was great! A family trip we really needed had a blast. Aspin went around and got all the clowns to sign his book ! 

Just personal opinion tho. However the circus was amazing!