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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cherish life for soon u will look back and all be a faint memory

today my thoughts are with a family friend... my sisters good friend has been through a lot in her life i admire her look up to her

and she is truly amazing !!! she had lost her son years ago and yesterday, she sadly lost her oldest son. my thoughts prayers

and feelings are with her, as i cant relate to loosing a child, i watched my nan go through it and know it is a life time change

and i couldn't even imagine how i would deal with it let alone loosing 2 !!! he passed away sadly in a car accident on his way to

work.. he fell asleep behind the wheel, he hit another car but he was the only one injured. this is heartbreaking he is married

and has 2 young children. so blessings to the loved ones im here if i can do anything !!!! to the rest of you a lesson... you never

know what could happen how long you have here how long you are with your loved ones... you cant worry about it but cherish it

be thankful for everyday you have good and bad some bad we cant ignore but some simple fights we can! its a waste of time

we need to wake up daily and be blessed with everything we have weather its loved ones to what u own or what u don't own and

bills (; whatever it is be thankful u are here you make ur life story make it interesting i say this a lot but truth couldn't be said

more ! im so grateful for everyone in my life and sorry for the things i cant change but we can always be good people be there

for someone who needs you for whatever reason even if its a stranger help what u can educate what u can and spread the word

as best u can in the end looks fade and all we have left are memories and our mind ! be blessed and be thankful again my

thoughts are with all who are going through a hard time and my thoughts are with japan ! no matter how bad u think u have it

wake up look around and smile no matter how bad it is now will get better time heals everything and no matter how bad it is

could always be worst ! be thankful thanks for reading xoxoxo amanda