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Thursday, December 29, 2011

new house update

well we are slowly getting there !!!! if u have been friends or followed me for awhile it seems like it has been taking forever right ???! lol we are doing this all ourselves and now jay has some free time over the winter the rest will go fast !!! 
we just got our kitchen cabinets in he wanted to wait till they were in before he did the floor so yay they are in and looking i think amazing !! 
pics below 

 u know i am the crazy cat woman right (:
 the knobs are my favorite i bought these 3 years ago !!!! and u have no idea how happy i am to finally have them up and on these !!!!! plans in the long time making coming together!
our cabinets where made by the amish if u live near me and want to know who just message me on fb and i will let u know ! these where 4,000 dollars cheaper than lowes or home depot !!!! and real wood and auto close so u can slam as hard as u want but close automatic <3 will be nice with the kids the finish is black alot asked if it was a dark brown NO i hate real wood color (:

just some things in the house that is already done pictures and video soon !!!
we got black bathroom things  sink , toilet , and jacuzzi  tub ( cant wait to get in there lol ) 2 bathrooms
flooring im not sure yet hubby didnt buy it yet but we have radiant heat ( in the floors ) all through the house
as for carpet in the house yeah its zebra print all through and leopard in our bedroom the kids rooms we just did white and they can decor whatever they want ( they change minds on weekly basis ) so didnt want to paint one color !!!!
they have a hole in their ceiling there will be a rope ladder up to second floor bedroom and will overlook the living room and kitchen on the second floor
my makeup / video / craft room is hot pink love the color couldnt be happier with it i will be decorating it this week so will for sure do a video on that !!!
and my hubby got his 4 car garage sadly we have more than 4 cars so idk how that is going to work out lol see another garage in our future /:
but just a update HUNDREDS have asked and keep asking so here is what we are working on will post pics on facebooks and videos as i decorate and yes a house tour once its all the way i want it !!!!
be blessed thanks for the interest

Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas 2011 thoughts

family , friends , food , and the gifts are nice but as i look around with all i have been blessed with a small tear ... hard times when u go .. i miss u nan... everyday but when u have everyone together i guess its kindof reality and it kindof hit me i hope all my friends realize y we have christmas happy birthday jesus and i hope u looked up today through all the maddness and took time to give thanks for y u are blessed for the loved ones not just beside u but above u ... cherish what u have but have knowledge on ur destiny life is just a journey not where we will end up ... be blessed be thankful im not lucky im blessed xoxo ♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

prank went wrong or maybe not !!!!

well if you are on my facebook u may have seen the video that was on abc news of parents giving their kids bad christmas gifts ect toilet paper , old banana , half eaten sandwich i watched this and admit laughed so hard i wanted to do it as me and my friends kids got together to exchange gifts ... we did it today (; and some hated it older ones kindof caught on but i was impressed with the way my kids reacted ! aspin i gave him a aa battery just one in a baggie he was confused at first but the whole way home he just talked about that battery ( they did get real toys as well after the joke one ! ) but all he was about was the battery what he was going to put it in and how he can always use batteries i was honestly touched lol a joke turned back on me and honestly made me realize what great kids i have ! i always taught them to be thankful for everything and this showed they are ! even as spoiled as they are !!!! kevin got a gravy packet him being 11 could laugh it off but when we got home he comes up and asks mom did u grab that gravy packet i got i said yeah he said o good i didn't want it to get thrown away with the trash <3 very thoughtful ! i did watch some videos on youtube on this and WOW some kids reactions were unreal ! i think this was a good this to do and teaches them that some are not as blessed as others and as some go through hard times alot of kids do not get a lot of gifts so we should be thankful for all god hands us good and bad ! i also think it is very important to learn young on how to take a joke (; and 100% happy with the reactions i got some say it was mean but honestly the kids didn't care one bit and yes they got real gifts after ! but keep this in mind as we ( most of us ) open hundreds of dollars of items this year for christmas understand not all kids will get gifts or lucky to have a good meal that day ! christmas turned into just a gift buying holiday we need to teach our kids its Jesus birthday and to be thankful for family and then the material things should always be last !! a laugh is far more important than a ipod anyway dont get me wrong i love to shop!! buy get and give but keep ur morals first then do what u can with the money u have cause material items u cant take with u in the end all u have left is memories anyway make them last ! this will be a great video to look back on ! i also think this teaches them to be thankful for what gifts they do get even if it is a battery and a gravy packet (; and u wonder y the kids go for the big box instead of the big expensive toy inside ...? think about it and be blessed i hope u all have a amazing holiday !!!!! teach about santa but learn about jesus first be blessed thanks for reading !

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

christmas motivation

in this season its hard sometimes to get motivated without snow and some rainy days make us more depressed than sunny days .. but i love snow at this time of year ! 
but all we have been getting in rain , they are calling for half foot of snow ! so hope this will get me in the mood for christmas as i just have not got there yet ! but i have so much shopping to do ! 
i will be doing christmas haul pictures as i wrap on my review blog links below ..

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those in need one voice can be heard

me and my friend put together a donation drive .. just the 2 of us and now it is a cover story on the local papers ! im proud of how it is going and we will be collecting donations sat from 9-6 .. will be a cold day as we will be outside but will be worth it .. as i see the holiday rush of ppl running around buying pointless gifts ( its fun ) but i wish a lot more would be aware of reality some dont have the money for food on the table or everyday nessary items we use daily tooth brush tooth paste ect .. and sadly some who are in need are afraid to ask ... we need to reach out tho those in need we all are people all have feelings and a lot of us have the same hopes and dreams ... some just need a extra help to be able to reach them .. and boost there self esteem .. life is hard no one should go through it alone or with a struggle life is too short u cant take money or ur items with u when u leave so help as many as u can be blessed and i hope u have great holidays

Thursday, December 1, 2011

be blessed


Dec 1 1929 , the best part of my life was born ... little did i know but looking back on her almost 84 years of life wow what a inspiration .... my nan was my rock she was always there , never judging , and watched my oldest son kevin daily while i was in school , or worked , she loved kids more than anything and her boys so she would say ( my 2 sons ) she was always there with caring heart and open arms no matter what .. and to anyone neighbors she would always help out her family , and our friends ! everyone always called her nan not sure if too many ppl know her by her real name just nan .... she touched im sure many hearts more than i would know of ! her and my pap where married for 64 years !!! u dont see that much they got together when they where 16 and today she would have been 84 thats a LONG time guys ! a lot of us will never see the married life for that long some may but always have gave me hope and hope this touches some high school sweet hearts and shows it is possible nothing comes easy !! nothing u have to work hard for good payoff everyone will fight and argue or not meet eye to eye sometimes but its those who can make the best of it and get passed it that matters and will make it in the long run ! never run from your problems even if its a girl boy problems or whatever it is u have to give life ur all !!!! i can honesty say i have NEVER seen my nan and pap fight im sure they have but one thing i never witnessed ! i was raised with good morals , not to judge , and just take one day at a time , don't focus too much on looks or material things with time this fades the only thing with u till the end is your heart ! so follow it ... and this is what got my nan ... she had heart problems it was her valve that pumps the blood out was slowly closing ... i remember this day like it happened yesterday i just found out i was pregnant with my second son few days after this i find out the drs had given her 6 months to a year to live ... wow they say with every bad news comes a good but alot of stress for me to carry around at the time .... i worried about it everyday she was not going to go for the surgery as i tried to talk her into it at the time i guess i was being self centered because it is not what she wanted she always replied to me by amanda god will take me if i get the surgery or not when its your time to go you just go ... she was worried about the recovery and she was older and just didn't want to chance it .. so finally we had to accept that ... she got to see my son being born and celebrated 5 more birthdays after that ! she passed this year and wow i miss her so much words can not express as sad as i am still to this day .. i look back and wow i am so blessed she taught me EVERYTHING and i mean everything the person i am today is because of her ! same with my kids wow she taught them so much and they loved her so much !!! after my pap living with my nan for 70 years there he is and he stands alone it breaks my heart i go see him all the time but i cant fix his pain i feel useless but he is doing good he is so positive as well and i know that is thanks to nan as well .... my pap loved her so much and her last few days i just wish i could take his pain away i remember it all to clear ... but she had lost her daughter in a tragic accident her daughter was 17 her name was robin .... my name is robin after her <3 she talked about robin all the time i look up and im so thankful she is now with her ... i have amazing angels looking down on me even though i wasn't around to meet my aunt im sure she is amazing as i have heard so many great stories ... im thankful for everything good bad and how i got to who i am today and i am thankful to share this story and hope to inspire one of u reading this cherish the moments u have u may not know at the time u are doing it but when u look back all will be memories and in the end that is all u can take out of here with u so make it worth it !!!! life is a journey but the destination is heaven .. dont take life too hard trust me it will all work out in the end be blessed and today is my nans birthday i hope she heard me tell her that <3