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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

those in need one voice can be heard

me and my friend put together a donation drive .. just the 2 of us and now it is a cover story on the local papers ! im proud of how it is going and we will be collecting donations sat from 9-6 .. will be a cold day as we will be outside but will be worth it .. as i see the holiday rush of ppl running around buying pointless gifts ( its fun ) but i wish a lot more would be aware of reality some dont have the money for food on the table or everyday nessary items we use daily tooth brush tooth paste ect .. and sadly some who are in need are afraid to ask ... we need to reach out tho those in need we all are people all have feelings and a lot of us have the same hopes and dreams ... some just need a extra help to be able to reach them .. and boost there self esteem .. life is hard no one should go through it alone or with a struggle life is too short u cant take money or ur items with u when u leave so help as many as u can be blessed and i hope u have great holidays

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