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Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve 2012

As the shopping is done , gifts are wrapped and waiting under our tree.. i sit back and realize how blessed I am . my family is amazing and im blessed to be apart of them and my friendships ! hope u spend the day with who u love. I hope u realize y u are able to love. And i hope u get something u love. eat something u love. hope the kids get what they love but hope they understand love is more important than material things . be blessed and love u all very much

as we go into the new year I want to thank those who had a impact on this past year 2012 thanks to those reading this, those who follow me, those who befriended me , to the new friends , and to the old, to family, to pets u made my year a better year thanks for spending it with me ... billions of people in this world and u chose me as a friend im blessed and thankful ! heres to another year of friendship as we head into 2013 thanks for the memories ! many more to come !


christmas meaning .. or lost ?

I have always been a HUGE fan of holidays .. im not going to lie i love to shop , love to cook , and get together with the ones who u care about ! its just fun ! but i also at the same time honestly find it disturbing ( and not all will agree with me i know this ) but here are my thoughts on this topic ... i grew up religious ( my nan and pap where my dad was not ) so i got both sides of their beliefs, myself i think of myself as a educated person and research everything with this being said i am religious and carry that through my lifestyle daily ... some do not this is fine that is freedom of choice but i have never been a huge fan of SANTA in my house and with me having 2 kids its hard cause he is everywhere schools, malls , tv ect ... the real meaning to me is jesus birthday .. u don't see this much anymore it seems jesus has been taken over by santa but santa is a fakeiscious character ...? are they somehow implying jesus is as well ? was santa made up for our youth to get blinded and forget or mislead y we really have the holiday ? maybe its just how i think and i post my thoughts a lot on my personal Facebook but i try to keep it out of my "public" view just for simple reason that there are SOO many views just in general in life no one will ever have 100% answer to anything life is all a matter of opinion but i would ask each of u to really think about y our religious holidays are being taken over by santa and the easter bunny ! don't get me wrong it is sooo fun magical for kids to get excited and have fun over the holiday but my kids are under the understanding that its for fun like a game but the real reason is and always will be god and jesus ! if u are religious u know how they say some things are satan creations .. there is evil in this world but santa ? .. where would i think of this idea ..? he wears red , he comes down a fire chimney, he knows if u are good or bad all year long and has a list ? was this made up to mock religious followers or is it a act of satan ? this is a thought only u can answer just how i looked at it do i tell my kids these thoughts on santa absolutely not right now but will i educate them later as they grow up ? yes i will ! i just dont want to see the true meaning disappear and i slowly see this happen year by year .... if is fun to shop and buy for others to surprise them excite them and have fun but should u lie ? that choice is urs .. have fun buy gifts eat food and live ur life but be thankful for the life u where given whatever ur religious or non religious thoughts are but keep in mind some things will be blinded in a public eye they will advertise what makes money and kids make them a ton of money dont let them get their soul as well as ur pocket be blessed just a blog post for some thought take it how u want either way how u celebrate have a blessed holiday i am thankful for each one of u ! <3 much="much" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" u="u" very="very">

Friday, December 14, 2012

what is the world coming to ?

i am sickened by the horrid things happening all around the world lately ( not just today ) but wow going into a kids school is sick minded and truly a shame my blessings are with everyone world wide who lost or has to live with the change of a loved one gone i know it is hard .. but in a time of panic i would like you to please keep this in mind .... my nan and my pap where my rock in my life biggest support system i had ! and here is some of our life story ... my nan watched her  daughter ( who would be my moms sister ) was 17 she was shot in front of my nan  my aunt had passed away long before i met her and growing up they would talk of her but never much on what happened .. my pap was a avid gun lover ( noooo it was not anything to do with their guns ) he taught me safety and from that day on i am sure it was for more of safety !!! bad things happen to good people its a sick world we sadly will always have people who kill however , guns , beatings , drugs, car wrecks ect list goes on and on ... u cant be shielded from reality nothing in this wide world will make u safe my pap always told me the only thing worst than a bad guy with a gun is a good guy without a gun ... people are unstable u cant change that but u can protect urself ! u have to what if it didn't happen at a school what if they came to ur house what would u do run for the phone ? what if they cut the phone lines ? i was raised around guns my mom and dad had gun shops all over the world they where in all kinds of magazines .. i seen a lot of people saying we need stricter gun laws ... criminals do not follow laws ! period .......... drugs guns prostitutes ect whatever they don't do it before saying and going with the media saying yes lets take guns keep in mind and look at the stats .... all these shootings do u think they where registered gun owners ?... have u ever heard of a massacre at a gun show ????..... with thousands and thousands of guns wake up people the only thing that would make this heart breaking situation worst is the good people without guns sometimes cops cant make it to u in time i know this for a fact i lost someone by a gun accident i would never say take them away and neither would anyone in my family just keep in mind if they cant kill u with a gun it will be a knife , fork , fist , rock ,  rape, anything .... reality of it is education raise kids right and teach morals if they are unstable we need to medicate them be blessed from my family incident  to urs be blessed ur only responsible for ur own actions live life the best u can and the happiest ! things like this have always happened we have the privilege to hear about it more because of the internet ! stay alert and stay blessed sorry for anyones loss also keep in mind i never NOT once heard my nan or pap put the blame on anyone !! they always told me never hold grudges that is for god to judge and sometimes good people get hurt... be blessed and in my thoughts