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Friday, February 1, 2013

being thoughtful

there still are nice people out there ! my windshield washer fluid wouldn't work i went to kittanning today and had to stop to fill it up then it still wouldn't work was in my escalade well stopped at sheetz and was using the squeegee older guy beside me came over and said hun u can hardly reach that he told me to pop my trunk looked at it then washed all my windows side windows and messed around with it for a good bit it is -2 out so to go out of his way just to help was so nice ♥ he said i cant follow u around and do this but maybe u need to buy a ladder so u can reach LOL so to the guy from kittattanning who i have no idea who he was thanks ! i always says being nice pays off and will make others want to help out more as well ... well on my way home i was on this back road through this small town i seen this little chihuahua mix dog almost get hit by the ups truck then the truck in front of me almost hit him !! he went right under the truck and just barley missed getting hit by the tires .... i pulled over he came over just happy as could be followed me around as i knocked on all these houses around where he was finally someone answered and he didnt want to open the door really to talk to me at first prob wondered who the fuck i was he said o wow that is my neighbors dog he hates this weather idk y he even went out .. older lady came running over to me in her robe and slippers and was almost crying saying thank you hugged me and was all happy ♥ then said u better get going u don't even have a coat or socks on LOL keep being nice to people this was my story for the day be blessed