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Monday, July 25, 2011

little thought big meaning (;

life ?........ its a long road ne thing worth something is .... give it ur all, if u fail, that doesnt make u a fool.. , its not easy ... make smart choices try to do whats best .. ...... this is a test when its hard to smile remember the fight is always worth while (; xx

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Friday, July 22, 2011

thoughts at 130 am

life is all about opinion ..... u will never get 100% answer on anything just points of views choose wisely

thoughts of this morning

im thankful for everyone in my life my friends my family , my supporters, and i have met amazing friends online amazing how one thing can bring everyone together ... even tho we all are from different places grew up different , have some different interests , we still can all relate in one thing something we all have in common .. life ... so thanks for those who take the journey and have me involved in it im blessed ! keep ur loved once close and never loose touch with a friend someday we will all look back and only have memories and i will be thankful to have u listed in my memories ! im thankful for the memories be blessed ! always remember material things are nice but they will fade ... looks are nice but they also fade ... worry about u on the inside first the only thing that last with u till the end is ur heart (; thanks for reading thanks for being part of my family and to my real family my husband and kids are the world to me and im so thankful for them xoxox

Thursday, July 21, 2011

thoughts from a complete stranger ~~~~!!!

we were at the mall me my husband and the kids this was months ago !!! we were looking at jewelry at jc penny .... this older brittle man and his wife came up to me and just started talking away i stood there and talked for about 45 mins to them many stories and just such a sweet couple !!! they were not able to have children and were so interested in ours ... idk but they seemed so sweet ( not creepy as odd as it sounds ) then they wanted my address ???.... to send a card to aspin on his birthday they told me as i had a po box i use out of my town for youtube i didn't think twice and gave them a address i then got his as well to send christmas cards ( they didn't look like they had a lot of money but such a sweet couple ) its been 3 months aspins birthday is in 2 weeks i go to our post office and find a package ... no idea who it came from .. but listed for aspin he opens it up and come to find out it was from the old couple we had met months ago ! with a little note im so glad to send this as we have no grandchildren hope u have a great birthday .... they sent all spiderman items ( as aspen was in all spiderman and was getting a toy that was spiderman when we seen them ) i must say i got a tear in my eye when i seen this ! they sent him a hat a towel socks stickers and a spiderman coloring book inside the note said im sure ur creative just like ur mom .... and that was it .... this is such a sweet thing for a complete stranger that spent 45 mins talking to me ... i feel so thankful to have got the time to talk to them and i als feel blessed to be able to have children ... some get sick of buying their kids things and i always hear parents say u don't need ne more toys ect sometimes its not the toys thats a big deal its the memories and learning they will have and u will keep in your memory of the toy .. this goes to show there are still kind hearted people out there how some things we take for granted and how others cant have what we can and nothing they can do about it ... take this to lesson if u can help someone do it even if its a smile to a comple stranger it may change their life and u may not even know it !!!! i am sending them a picture of aspen ( listed below ) he drew them a thank you card and i will send them something back just for being so sweet and aspen loves to get packages in the mail and this is a memory i will have for a long time so this is for strangers to become friends to some of us who look so different we think we have nothing in common ... give these people a break u may have a lot of stories to share ! be blessed be thankful and spread thankfulness around it will put a smile on someones face for sure ! just my random story i had for today and hope to have contact with this couple again ! xoxox

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Monday, July 18, 2011

tonights simple yet truthful thought

if u find something that bothers u about someone y talk about them just walk away and start over strong friendships are hard to find y in the end u will have ur true friends on one hand when counting look for quality not quantity

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thoughts on casey Anthony case...

first i want to say yes this is a tragic story from start to finish she shouldn't have had her life cut short due to her mom... she is in

gods hands now and a little angel be blessed your mom will get the real judgement day soon enough ! being a mother of 2 if your

kid was missing for a day you would be a mess wondering looking and calling the police im sure is the 1st thing you would

think of !!!!!!.... but 31 days just that i would say guilty not to add up all the other evidence going against her .... a tattoo ?? while

her kid is missing sicking drinking ect well shame but sunday i guess she will pick up where she left off but don't think that will

be too easy for her .... the media locals will be hard on her and im sure she will go into hiding for a bit but now she signed with

a hollywood producer for a reality show sick and not right at all yes but im sure it will be a top hitting show as i hate to think of

or admit .... now to all who goes on and on about this i know yes it is shocking !!! yes not the way it should have ended but too

late she will get hers sooner or later ! this i

can promise u ifs a family member hater or god she will have a judgement day soon enough .. does make me sick but u also have

to understand with her getting out sunday the publicly you are tweeting facebooking pages being open , blogg posts , ect isn't

helping i understand ppl r outraged but at the same time really sadly this happens a lot shame but alot of young kids loose their

lives and this one just happened to be picked up by the media .... shame that america system is being shown as this trully it

makes us look very week .... and with the jury coming out saying they are not happy with the choice they made well maybe they

should have thought about that b4 they came bk with a verdict in 10 hours !!!!! either way its a little too late ... but she will

never live this down and not the first and im sure not the last that this will happen with she maybe needs to meet up with oj .. i

will no way watch her show buy a book or watch a movie and i would strongly agree for others to do the same but im sure not

how it will all work out either way i wanted to just remind u this is a shame but happens all the time for those putting her

picture up ect please remember all the other little kids who lost their lives as well who didn't get a publicized case as maybe if it

was some would be home safe now .. ? either way i strongly agree that everything happens for a reason maybe we don't know

the reason as of now but trust me this happened for a reason ... tho shall not judge ? maybe just leave it to god and by her

getting through this with the court maybe it will change and make others harder to get away with it ... so stay strong remember

those who lives are lost but be thankful for the family and loved ones you have .. your only responsible for your own actions

others will have to pay for mistakes later be blessed amanda

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Monday, July 4, 2011

little vent

i find it annoying when some ppl r looking into someone so hard they forget to look at their actions. its annoying when someone does something that they flip out on u about doing when its the same thing i find it rude when ppl only call or come around when they want something and when u need help the offer is never there ... i find it unbelievable when they judge u how u look when they have known u for years .. i find it insulating when i hear them talking shit on someone else ( only makes them look bad ) i find it funny they have no friends and i find it comforting others know how i feel who know them always remember the ones who walk away with a smile and few words said are the ones who will look at them at their downfall and say karma was bound to catch up with them never feel bad for others actions you are only in control of your own , we are not able to help who we fall in love with even more how our in laws or family is .. people who hate are jelouse or just unhappy always keep a smile and strong morals assholes hate this no matter how hard they try to bring u down u will always be on top in gods eyes never lower ur standards and ppl who are rude are looking for entertainment and are a waste of time spend little time if ne on these ppl sometimes we will have to deal with ppl like this but no worries ur better than this (; u may have to put up with it for a few hours just be thinking thank god thats not the life u have to lead be blessed