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Thursday, December 4, 2014

my Christmas tree 2014

I absolutely love this time of season! And I live in Pennsylvania so I am ready for our first bad snow storm! But most of all I just love the feel of christmas.  The decorations,  the food, family, just so much fun making these memories! 

Thus year we have kittens! Well they are 5 months old so they are still fun.  And their first christmas tree? They think it's for them. I do a lot of  redecorating daily lol.  But that's half the fun.

I can't keep them out of the tree so i just take pictures when i do see them in there lol. Or under it.... they guard this tree all day.

But anyway we decided to do a white tree this year. I have blue, white and pink lights. And all blue decorations.  The snowman beside it came from sears last year.

Someone is always under the tree, and my son's always checking in on them too! 

The one who gets in to everything the most goes to this tabby cat ( we named simba ) he's always in the tree. And how does he get in there? He just jumps straight into it.Always taking ornaments off, and proud of it lmao he's fun to yell at 

Our tree this year white tree and snowman both from sears, I have pink, blue and white lights on it. 

I do have 2 little hello kitty trees decorated as well :) one in my bathroom and one tall skinny one behind my couch. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not the destination but the stories on the way

Seeing where you need to be is easy, getting there is what is hard, take directions from others lightly, most people don't know how to get there either... others act like they do, but really are blind. You will end up getting lost and the others are just looking for the easiest way there... after all its really not about the destination, its about the stories on the way.. take some time you will get there, the longer it takes the better the stories and stronger you will be

Friday, October 3, 2014

1 month of change

Ok so if you even thought you knew me the slightest,  you knew I was a smoker.... camel lights to be exact. .. all the time for many of many years!

As I look back.... I wish I could change!!  Sadly I can't I am going to  change my today's :)

I didn't want to make it "official" until I knew I kicked it for good! I told myself when i hit 1 month I would tell everyone!  

I have 2 son's I quit each time when I was pregnant with them... after I had them I always started back up!???? No idea maybe habbit or maybe stress either way just a excuse. 

I woke up one day looked at my husband and Said I'm going to stop smoking ... him being as supportive as he is.. laughed and said yeah right. :) 

One month later I'm laughing at him saying see I told you :)

I smoked a pack a day sometimes less sometimes more. And just quit.  I didn't wean myself off , or limit one or few a day .....
just went from solid pack a day to next day 0 ! And it worked.

I was ready to rip my husband's face off a few days after I quit!!  ( nothing out of ordinary lol kidding ) little moody tried to keep myself busy  but other than that it wasn't all that hard. It's a mind set! 

I have tried to stop or slow down many of times and to be honest and a smoker of many many many years. I think it's all a mind set! You have to be ready and really want to!

And that day i was determined to do it! I must have been successful. Well one month successful!  .

And If you are trying to stop ... don't get frustrated if you are trying! I failed many of times!! Keep trying! You can do it! Trust me if I can anyone can! Not only I was addicted to cigarettes but I kind of enjoyed it.

I did for a few days to kick the habbit use lollipops it helped !!

After the month of not smoking cigarettes I can kind of tell a difference ( not a huge difference tho! ) with smells. Some say taste will be better to I have yet to really notice that. But I know I am healthier.  Honestly I feel the same but obviously better for me!

My birthday is this month and it was my goal date .... October 18th was my goal and I wanted to do it for myself !...for me ,couldn't think of a better gift! And almost kicking the habbit a month ahead of my deadline ..... winning lol :)

If you are trying to quit and need support I'm here! It's hard but you can do anything you set your mind to! I'm here if you need a chat!  ♡ xoxo here is to a cigarette smoke free life :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Helping people who are rude to you...

Ok so here is a story.... I was in the craft store by myself getting a few things for a video, when a mom and her daughter ( daughter was about 9 ) where in the same isle, I walked passed said excuse me and smiled.. just like I always do... I was returned by her ( the mom not the daughter ) not moving after looking at me with a disgusted face and roll of her eyes finally she moved very little for me to squeeze by ( we had no carts ) after walking passed she looks at her daughter and says if you grow up to look like that I will never talk to you people like that are nobody. And I went about my scrapbook shopping.  She must have checked out right before me I was loading my car when she had her hood up on her car and was looking confused. . Parkinglot was empty  (it was 10 mins till the store closed) just me and her honestly I thought about being a bitch and just getting in my hummer and going home, but that's not me, ...I went to help her I had jumper cables.  I drove over and realized it was just a battery terminal off... it started up.. she never told me thanks, And that is fine! I'm sure she was embarrassed. . I looked at the daughter and told her my son's are your age ... make sure you don't judge people.... you just  never know   and was on my way....  I was raised to always help others, even those who can not help you!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our family is getting bigger!

These kittens sure do keep us busy!
But so cute right ??

We have them all named ... tiger/leopard looking one is simba the smaller black one is spark the gray one aspin calls mittens. And the longer haired black one is named fat mack ( even tho a girl )

They are all such good cats! Playful and crazy yet loving and like to snuggle.

I have never kept a full litter, and it's nice to see how close they all are. And momma cat is such a good mom. Always teaching them something! 
Most vocal cats I ever have had tho! They just meow around about little of everything. .. different meow tones depending on what they want. Makes it fun :)

Some people are against declawing cats but I am sorry I know it is kindof cruel yet needed! Especially when we get moved into our new house! So they will all be going to the vet for declawing and to all get fixed for sure ♡

Fall ♡

Ok so I must admit I do love fall and winter!

Just all the holidays and activities are so much fun !

From corn mazes to fall bon fires the food and carving pumpkins ♡ kids and I always have fun! All the Halloween stores are opening and as everyone else is complaining about how they opened too early, kids and I are excited to check them all out. Lol

My sister and I have always planned somewhere to go for a haunted house, we drive all over. Just something we like to do in October. .. it's getting close will have to figure out where to go fun this year!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another year of firsts. ..

Well today was the kids first day back to school !

Kevin was so excited last night I do not think he got any sleep! he loves school and is really into his fashion and had everything laid out and had to make sure everything was just perfect :) 8th grade is a big deal you know! I think he did great job picking his first outfit lol it took him lots of trying on new clothes to figure out the right one ;) Hope he has a great year! 

Aspin on the other hand was never a huge fan of school, but first days are always exciting to him! He had to wear red because his brother wore red too. But hes not into clothes yet. however he loves his new shoes! shame their bookbags didnt come yet ( i ordered online a bit late) Aspin is going into 3rd grade this year! and wow where is the time going? I remember 1st day of kindgergarden like it was yesterday! They both are growing up into great little men! I couldnt be more proud! 

This is Luckie, our outside bus stop mascot stray <3 always="" and="" bus="" everyday="" for="" get="" is="" kids="" makes="" nbsp="" off="" ok.="" on="" p="" she="" sure="" the="" there="" they="" too="" when="">

Heres to another year of school! I hate to see them go, I love them home! 

How was your kids first day of school back?
I cant wait to hear how their days went! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Owl visit ...

Ok so I should start off by my nan loved owls. She had a collection of owls and that was her favorite,  my nan has passed away and it's coming up on 3 years.... in 3 weeks. Well today was me and my husband's anniversary.  It was 12:01am and I was on my way home with my friend from getting my husband a anniversary gift. I laughed and said while driving " I should get him a winding road sign" for a gift as I thought it would be funny few minutes later we pass a sign on drivers side ( I couldn't read the sign ) just seen a bird ontop of the sign looked at my friend and said that was a owl. She said omg your crazy how did you see it. It's too dark I said idk I think it was. Half mile down road after passing it, I turn around and go back to see it. While I turned around she said she heard it hoot. I went back to the sign and parked right in front of it. It was still sitting there! It slowly looked at me for awhile it seemed then flew away. We then realized the sign it was sitting on was a winding road sign! I got goose bumps. Was it a sign for myself or simple coincidence?  My nan loved owls it was our anniversary and coming up on my son's birthday and my nans passing anniversary.  My husband says I read into things too much. I would like to think I dont. And everything happens for a reason.  That was my first time seeing a owl in person. And was so close and personal.  Something that will always have a meaning to myself! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

stranger at walmart followed me

well my cats made me go to walmart once again at midnight because their bowl was empty... filled it back up when i got back and they looked at it and walked away... assholes  before I left you would have thought they where starving so I went to walmart just to get catfood just had a hoodie on and left my purse in my car, knew my pockets where shallow and thought before I got out of my car my money and keys would fall out did it anyway.... well I was walking in walmart got a few things made it back to checkout... only one checkout and about 7 people ahead of me I tried to wait calmly but I honestly hate walmart they get to me and tell me it will be 10 minutes they had to change registers over ...ok fine whatever I was thinking... only to find this older guy walk up to me and said you are one hard one to track down I was confused he didn't look like I knew him, he told me here you dropped this in the parking lot! not too many people would bring me back my 70 dollars I dropped! WOW good people still around. I tried to give him a 10 just for him being so nice and not only giving it back but to try to find me in the store. He said absolutely not he needed the exercise and thats what all people should do. I honestly don't understand how I run into such nice people but I'm blessed I do.  everything happens for a reason! now only if I could get my cats to be just as considerate lol 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kittens 6 weeks old update

Well I got the Lazer pointer out... not what I expected haha they got a hang of it tho! 

This one got sick.of it fast! 

I had some shipping, I needed to do... this is what happened. I big mess wow they had little packing peanuts everywhere. All in good fun tho! Angel ( mom ) was always right there teaching and protecting. 

Out of everything it was the envelope that was a huge hit! And I added this to top favorite toys so far lol. They played in this added lol day too cute! 

Head first then turn around. If they fit they going in! 

This one ( fat mac ) took few naps in his little envelope.  I found on ebay something similar like addedllroundnything little bag sac. Can't wait till it gets here bet they will love it! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

kittens by weeks

  • Under one week- Eyes shut, ears flat to head, skin looks pinkish. Part of umbilical cord may still be attached. Weight < 4oz.
  • 1 week-10 days- Eyes beginning to open, ears still flat. A kitten this age is smaller than your hand. 4 to 6oz weight.
  • 2 weeks- Eyes open bright blue color, kittens will crawl a bit on their tummies, and basically just sleep and nurse. No teeth yet. 6 to 8oz. weight.
  • 3 weeks- Eyes are fully open, ears are erect, teeth are becoming visible, may just be begining to come through the gums Kittens this age are just starting to walk and will be very wobbly. 8 to 12 oz weight.
  • 4-5 weeks- Kittens have begun to pounce and leap. Kittens this age will begin to eat regular cat food, and will begin to use a litter box. They are still quite small at this age. they will weigh anywhere from 1/2 lb to 1 lb.
  • 6-7 weeks- Kittens are quite active and weigh about 1 pound to 1 an 1/2 pounds Their eye color, changes from blue to its permanent color. May still be friendly and approach people. Very playful at this stage.
  • 8 weeks- Kittens this age weigh approximately 1 and 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds. If they have not been exposed to humans, they will likely be feral and unapproachable.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Almost 4 weeks!

So look who's taking over my house :)
Most of you know we had kittens by accident.  But a cute one right?? My son is so proud of these kittens, it's too cute. We are in the process of naming them ( what to see personality first ) until the naming blog .. this is their 4 week update!

There is a solid gray one ( left back ) and a super long crazy haired black one with white spot on his chest ( back right ) these two favor each other and are little more laid back. The biggest one ( back right ) also is the biggest baby. He gets scared a lot lol 

I hate to have favorites but if I did it would be these two. The little tiger stripped one ( such cute markings these pictures don't give him justice. He is the smallest and is the leader ! He taught them all to climb out of the box at 3 weeks. The others took a week to learn it. He will walk up to anyone. He is my fearless little leader for sure. Followed closely by this solid black one. He loves my black lab. And the tiger one favors towards owdie ( my chihuahua) the tiger one always went for cat food ( at 3 weeks) I soaked some in water and he loves it. Makes always mess but loves it. These two are independent and the gray and fluffy black are not so much. 

This little black one is wicked with his claws already. They are climbing my couch. 

The two in back are girls 2 in front are boys. 

They are starting to play with each other so cute! My other cats are fine with them. And bit more playful as well. 

This little gray one is my son aspin's favorite.  And she follows him around already.  Always by his side. He watches after all his kittens and does great! He's so proud of them. And these will all stay in our family. Can't break them up. The stray that had them will be going in to get fixed! This is very important please so many pets need homes. Spray and fix your pets and adopt if you can! The momma cat was a drop off at my house. Glad to see kittens where healthy and doing great! A mistake addition to our family but how could I say no to these faces. 

They all are now at not 4 weeks trying to clean them self and and to ready showing interest in litter box. I will be training them to go to toliet. I'm not a fan of cat litter :) hope it goes well. Will keep a progress with them and I have been recording. Check my youtube videos for weekly videos ands they get more playful. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

nursing home runaway?

well a way to end my night... it was 1030 pm ,  on my way home on back country middle of no where roads i pass this woman dressed in all black clothing kindof threw me off guard and wow she really could have got hit! i passed her and after looking at her wow she didnt look like i knew her or should be walking i reversed it and talked to her for a bit. she was out of breath but wow determined! fistey little old woman! she was walking to her house she said she broke out of the nursing home. I hated to but I had to call someone for her to help her. she honestly walked about 3 miles ( that is the closest nursing home ) who knows what one she got out of. she was tired out of breath and didnt want to get in the car with me. ( dont blame her ) but wow she doesn't want to go back. i had to have someone come sit with her while i went and called for help. didn't have the heart for her to hear me ratting her out. nice woman tho! wish her the best. if she would have gotten in the car with me I would have taken her for a ride passed her old house then back to the nursing home  put me in mind of my nan got a little teary eyed. my nan never wanted to be in a nursing home. she never had to but if it would have gotten to the point I would have moved her in with me. be blessed and be careful take time to listen to older people wisdom sometimes comes in weird ways. im blessed to have talked to Marcey for the 15 minutes i did! she told me a lot of stories in a short amount  of time!  I will talk about it often  hope she finds her way back.

I plan on going to take pictures of the address she gave me, and visit her in the nursing home. if she will remember me or not , and if the address is right no idea. but I told her I would and I am good with my word. 

Old school tattoo advice?

So I went to a local flea market this weekend.

This older guy  (guessing he was in his late 60s ) covered in old school tattoos, walked up to me. He smiled and said you are beautiful,  but I must ask how's the world treating you. ( meaning being heavily tattooed)

My reply was simply the key to life is never worry about what other people think. He then smiled and agreed the key to life is never get old.

Smart man. I agreed and went on my way.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Cherish the memories time goes fast!

Well if you have followed me online for years , you know how much my nan was a part of my life!
And I honestly know if it was not for her I would have not turned out the way I did! She was a great person, always thinking of others

And I never once heard her and my pap fight or argue. She went through a lot and held her head up so well. I always respected that.

I carried a lot of the things she did into the way I live my life now. I'm surely not as good as her!!!! But I try all I can do! She taught me most everything I know! She helped with my son's and just loved her boys! It seems like yesterday when I remember the feeling in my stomach when she told me she only had 6 months to a year to live. I told her i didnt think thats how it would happen and thankfully I was right, I   was pregnant with my second son at the time the drs told her that. It was a long stressful pregnancy.  All u wanted was her to see her other grandson.   She ended up making it to my son's 5th birthday. And wow I'm so thankful aspin got a lot of life skills thanks to my nan !   She passed 2 weeks after Aspins 5th birthday. 

We miss her everyday,  and it's hard still.
They say with time things get easier , myself I would disagree,  maybe you loose track of time as its coming up on 3 years since she left us. But she's around. Few things that have happened ( that's another blog post if you are interested in hearing it ) but strange things happen!

We went to her grave today. Aspin picked out the red rose for her it lights up. She loved roses. That's why I have a rose tattooed on my hand <3 and Kevin picked out the cross.

We picked my pap up and went to the cemetery,  we also rode around like we sometimes do to see where my pap grew up, and hear some of his stories.

We had a good memorial day! And thank your veterans ! My pap is one of them <3 hope everyone has a blessed day! Life is full of challenges handle them the best way you can

if you are wondering we got the rose and cross solar lights at Walmart get one and go visit a loved one <3 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our family just got bigger!

Well we added on to our family. Kind of by accident but here's the story...

I always rescue and help animals, everyone knows this, why sometimes I think people drop them off because they know I will find homes or keep them.

I just found homes for all my strays when 2 months ago this gray cat just comes running inside my house ? She was so friendly. I thought for sure it was my neighbors pet. So I posted a picture on Facebook someone replied saying she needed a home and was a stray. I found it a home, my sister in law was going to take her. Her and I where at Walmart when my husband called 3 times saying forget it we will keep her aspin doesn't want to get rid of her. We honestly didn't need another cat we have 2 cats inside now, along with 2 dogs and a bunny lol.  My husband isn't as much as a animal nut as I am however I must have rubbed off on him because he really liked her as well. I was ok with it because my one cat is getting older so thought o well why not.
She needed fixed I had a appointment when it happened ... my son let her outside .... well 2 months later guess what ? Kittens !!! She will go into get fixed as soon as she is done nursing.  I hated this happened because out of anyone I know how over populated cats are and finding good homes is so hard!

Well we went from 2 cats to two months later .... 7 cats !

She started having them at 4 am I heard cats meowing. My husband went to work and the hunt be gain trying to find them. She hide them well .. inside my husband underwear drawl lol. I looked about 8 am and there where 2 kittens. So cute ! Few hours later there was 3. She came out and was drinking and running around figured she was done. So I was like o well 3 isn't bad at least it's not 12. ( I have had cats who had very large litters.) She was a small cat tho.

Well my friend stopped over and angel ( momma kitty ) came out meowing in distress ran back to my bedroom came back out meowing like she needed help. I went back to find 2 more kittens however one was dead. I had to take the little one who didn't make it out. And was hear breaking it looked just like her!! But we are now left with 4 healthy little kittens.

I didn't have the heart to tell my son she had one who passed so he thinks she only had 4. ( he did amazing watching her and taking care of her the 2 months she was pregnant. ) he was just so happy and excited.  I'm glad he experienced it. And he loves these kittens to pieces! Always watches them and makes sure angel is ok and always says your such a good mom <3  And he thinks we should keep all of them. And idk if I have the heart to tell him he can't so we will see!

But she had 2 little black ones ( I really did want a black one ) a black and gray tiger one and a solid gray one. Names are still being thought about and aspin is taking that very serious!  He wants to wait till they have more personality till he decides names :)
They are only a few days and my little black one is the most active it's always pushing it'd way around all the time. Up and over all the others think it's going to be super active. Their eyes are still shut. Will be taking them all to the vet soon. And aspin couldn't be more proud.
cats are really great mothers. And angel is such a good mommy! You can just tell how proud she is. So next few weeks shall be interesting when they start running around. Lol
My other animals could careless.  They are use to having animals in and out due to I rescue a lot we will see what they think when these ones don't leave.
This weekend I am going to take aspin shopping for new litter boxes and some cat toys. Will keep you updated as they get more active and cute <3

Monday, May 19, 2014

Trip to the emergency room.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I care about animals, one of my pashions. And my pets are family!

Most of you know my black lab ford. He is a British block head lab. We had got him when I first got pregnant with aspin. Making ford almost 9. And OK he is a bit over weight.

We found him really sick when we got back from the zoo, he couldn't control his bladder , and didn't have control of his body, foaming at the mouth and flinging his head back. Wow I still can picture it as I'm writing this. Was so scary and I couldn't do anything to help him, probably one of the worst situations you can be in.

My vet was closed I took him to closet vet hospital,  to be honest I didn't think he was going to make it.

Him being 135 lbs we struggled to get him in the car to go. After getting him to the vet they ran blood work. Everything came back fine ! I was relieved a bit cause first thing I thought was limes. But now all blood work came back good now what? She said it had to be something neroligical. I had 2 choices .... I could let him there to be monitored overnight with iv and steroids or transport him (4000) to a hospital that did mris.  I said to monitor him overnight as he was already coming back to himself.

As I left him there overnight sick with strangers I never met and didn't have his stuffed animal to give him. I walked away worried then he went to stand up to follow me, I knew he was feeling better. As before he couldn't even follow his eyes. Was a long 12 hours waiting for vet to call back! Finally 9 am I call. They said he was 100% better. I can come take him home. Hard to believe, and needed to see myself to be the judge of that. Rase down to get him.

Waiting patiently in the waiting room just waiting for him to get brought out . And i heard it ... his tail hitting each side of the hallway on the way out. He was himself and so happy to see me ready to leave!

It's been 3 days. He has been on steroids 2 times a day. He is 100% better than he was ! But not 100% himself. Let's hope the medicine helps. I don't know who comes up with the price of vet bills but no wonder you see some deserted at shelters. Too expensive and when you can't afford it they fine you.  Shame sad world.

Off to the zoo... I hope they don't want to keep us.

Well Aspins 2nd grade field trip was today! Another school year coming to a ending, wow time goes so fast. And aspin is growing into such a sweet thoughtful person. I love to be able to go on school trips with him! This year we went to the Pittsburgh zoo and aquarium.  it was a rainy day but nothing a poncho and a umbrella couldn't handle. Thankfully it wasn't cold.

We had a great time! Seeing these big aquariums make me miss our big fish tank. I could never keep the water right and had a hard time always lost fish and was a hot mess. But seeing these neat ones makes me almost want to try again ( my husband would never want me to! ) guess I  wasn't meant to have fish lol however the tunnel we walked under with the sharks was so cool! But that fish with the big teeth was Aspins favorite. ( picture below. If you know what kind it is let me know! ) 

We got to the polar bears and however there was a sign saying bears will not be out during mating season... they where and 2 where quite friendly. Lol some kids got a kick out of it , and as for me and the other chaperones we tried not to look or smile and change topic :) lol

Overall I'd say the kids loved the baby gorilla the most! He got a lot of awes and look it's a baby screams from all the kids. I must admit he was cute. Only if I could talk my husband into that being a new pet lol

Aspin stopped at the stores all throughout the zoo and after careful thinking and figuring out what he wanted. He picked out a sharks tooth necklace , bookmark and a leopard stuffed animal. Great choices if I say so myself :) we had a great day. And aspin was happy I went all that matters! We dried off on the drive home anyway. 

If your ever around Pittsburgh the zoo is for sure a fun place to stop. Prices are very reasonable.  Nice clean zoo.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers day

I'm not one for over rated holiday's.  However any chance for a get together or cookout I love it. And i always teach the value of holidays and meanings behind them to my kids. And aspin honestly is always so sweet and thoughtdul ( most times unless your talking with his brother then verry few lol )

He wanted to do it all by himself he told dad what to get and what he needed. I must say this year was one of my best mothers day.

My mom and dad and my sister and her husband ended up stopping out on the bikes. We where having a cookout. They didn't stay too long but was real nice to show them what all we got done in our new house and catch up for a bit! They don't live close to me so I don't see them as much as I do jays family. But times like this I really miss my Nan. Not a day goes by I don't think of her. She inspired me to be half the mom she use to be to us.

Aspin made me some cards at school I won't rewrite them but the pictures are below. So cute <3 and going in scrap book for sure!

He had gotten a bike for Easter. And he was all concerned about me getting a new one so I can go riding with him too :) I did already have a bike, but not as special as the one he picked out for me. He had seen this bike when picking out his, never said a word to me. Told Jay there is a hello kitty bike at toys r us mom will love it. Then he wanted to make it extra special he said, so he asked Jay to take him to dollar store , where it took him 10 minutes to pick out the perfect and even ( he's really into math now ) am out of balloons ! He did great . He also had to tie all of them on.

He was so excited for his surprise.  Never once gave it away. Hard to believe when he's always the one who can't keep quite about something like this! He made me shut my eyes and I must say I was so surprised and I know he got more joy out of it then anyone. So cute ! And wow so thankful. 

We took the bike down to the willow tree. We planted this tree when aspin was born. Tree is getting bigger! Something to look back on.

And let's not forget about the bike. It's amazing right ;) hello kitty. I need to get a basket for owdie ( my chihuahua) he loves bike rides.

Aspin and I have had a few nice days here in PA and we used them peddling. Sure to get lots of use and sore legs this summer !

I did get aspin his stuffed animal he wanted after all I wouldn't have mothers day if it wasn't for him and Kevin <3

Kevin is too busy for mom most days, aspin and I always make jokes look at each other and say teenager at the same time. So much age difference between them only matter of time aspin will start to ignore me too lol but Kevin did make me this bank in art class. The story behind that is just too long for this blog lmao but I love it.

And thanks to my husband Jay for funding aspins ideas <3 times like this is why I am thankful to be the best mom to the best 2 boys I know and as much as I hate to admit it at times Jay is a pretty good guy too! Hope everyone had a great holiday !