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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One year Anniversary

I promised myself something a year ago... Most all of my promises that others made to me always got broken. But this promise was to myself, for myself. I couldn't let myself down.  For my birthday I told myself I'd quite smoking cigarettes. And I did ... over a month before my birthday! Best birthday present I could have got. Addiction comes in many ways. Gets ahold of good people. And mine started at a young age. I have tried to quit many of times. But you honestly have to want to quit! I did it cold turkey. And today marks one year since I have been nicotine free ♡ i was a heavy smoker! If I can... you can! Never too late to make a change!! Here's to my year Anniversary! What better way to celebrate a smoke free day other than a died out cigarette tattoo on my foot. :) added to my leg sleeve ♡

*locals I get all my tattoo work done by one guy. His name is Justin Cigola and out of big mojos in Indiana pa. He's amazing..