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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sometimes u have to count your blessings not whats wrong

well i have been off youtube and blogger for a week or so ... if seems when one thing happens wrong it all happens at once ? i guess this is called snowballing affect .... i have felt this for the passed month and as much as i think positive i cant help but to think to myself y ? but i always say when u loose grip .. its too late it will be lost .. so i keep holding on , but wanted to let u know how i was doing and what has been going on as i feel like i owe it to you guys <3 you alll are amazing for the support and i have been so thankful for the cards and everything and kind words all of you have said to me ! truly from the heart thank you ! first it was my nan yesterday was one month without her in my daily life this is a hard reality to grab ne way .. but i know i have a amazing angel looking after me ...! then my car broke i have it fixed now so thankful for that and today it is my dog ford ( my lab ) i took him to the vet it was his knee and he is still there going in for surgery tomorrow ): im sure he will be fine but he has never been in a cage lol poor guy and the recovery time is 4 months so hoping it all goes well he is like one of my kids ! but everything happens for a reason even if you dont know the reason at the time you will get there and in the end i hope to meet you with a smile ! be blessed stay strong and thanks for the support xoxo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

be blessed my thoughts are with anyone who has lost a loved one

Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines, my thoughts are with those who where affected by 911 ( everyone ) but also keep in mind ....even if it doesn't make the news we loose thousands a day keep them in ur prayers too ♥ be blessed

Thursday, September 8, 2011

old coupon new friends ha

people never seem to surprise me ... i must give off a friendly vibe to strangers cause i have more

strangers that come up and just start talking to me than i do people i know sometimes it seems

i talk to anyone so i don't mind at all and find it interesting and fun ... well i was in line at the deli

waiting on getting some lunch meat i have this older couple ( early 70s maybe ) as i was minding

my own business i had a feeling i was getting stairs and as i am in shorts hair up and a tank top

alot to stair at with my tattoos and ears so i expect it .. i looked to the side and lady was and she

just smiled i smiled back and turned away then she gets real close to me ha ? i turn to the side

again and she proceeds to ask me if i sleep in all my earrings , asking if they hurt getting them

done and how her husband didn't want her to get her ears pierced once and pulled off her clip

on earrings i smiled this couple was such a fun couple laughing and joking and her saying

she was going to get her stomach pierced ( as she said it ) assuming belly button asked if i had

that done i said yeah she said o my grand daughter has all that done but ur ears are impressive

haha they where asking if i slept in them and the husband starts laughing so hard saying i bet

its a pain in the ass taking all them out LOL the wife looks at him smiles and looks at me

and says hes a pain in the ass and has no piercing haha then the husband had to show me his

tattoo that he got of his wife's name when he was in the army lol laughs so hard and said that

was a mistake i had to keep her since its on my arm they were just too funny and random

and so like me only 50 some years older .. guess this is a pointless story but this just goes to

show u no matter what u look like or how different the people look u all can have something

in common not everyone is judgmental and this is a nice reality to have , i love all the random

people i start a conversation with and the lady hugged me when i walked away ( agree bit weird )

but my nan would have done the same thing walking away she says u r too beautiful as i smiled

and said thanks hun u take care but here i thought before i talked to them they were starring

to be rude or just to judge but here they had more in common that what i thought just another

life story to show u to be nice to others even if u dont know them we all have our own story !

be blessed be thankful !

thanks for watching and be blessed and be creative (;

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