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Friday, November 22, 2013

thoughts today

It's sad when people you were once so close with can become just another stranger you don't know... but either way keep in mind times change so do people, just make sure when u change it's for the better...things happen in our lives to teach us lessons and make us stronger, and when this happens we have strangers becoming new friends

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghosts lake review

Well we love October and always looking for new scary places to go...this week it happened to be in conneaut lake Pennsylvania. This was a drive for me I back tracked a bit cause I had to pick everyone up so took me 2 and half hours of driving one way. I was fully loaded in the esclade :) and we where off for a road trip.I left at 2:30 got to the lake at 6:45 . My sister is the planner she wasn't happy I was a hour late... I always pick on her but this time she was  right! But we still got there early! We got our tickets at the door they where 25 each and kids 10 and under was 17 . This was so different than any other haunted attraction I have ever been too. There was a amusement park but people also lived there... like a ride then beside it was a families house! Different and not where I would live but still neat... there was 13 houses and attractions we worked through. If you can make it past the chainsaws you will be fine :) I was going to bring my youngest ( 7 ) but I it may have been too scary but I should have it would have been ok for him! We all where a bit disappointed on this one... don't get me wrong was good but surely not worth 6hours round trip worth. However last weekend was pumpkin festival and had all kinds of booths and food. We didn't have much time to look through:( it takes 2 full hours to walk through. We went in at 7 walked out at 9:30 however you have to wait in 13 lines!!!! And they got real long some where least hour and half long line.. with 13 lines that can be a long time... thank my sister because we had no lines get there early, if you go. I personally would not go again there are better ones out there. There was 13 houses to get through but some where so short. But the fog was horrible no one could see eyes burning and couldn't breathe a lot of people got escorted out and had a lot of medical problems. Over all it was ok. The rollercoaster at the end was fun, but old wooden one so it's ruff nothing scary just pitch black! Anyone else go? Scare factor I say it was 4/10

Sunday, October 13, 2013


most important thing you can give someone is a chance... but like anything if you are giving something, people get greedy and soon its not appreciated and they just expect it smart enough to understand the limit of chances

Sunday, June 30, 2013

michael jackson ft akon hold my hand in memory of my nan our music video...

we did this for my nan i miss her daily <3 she was a great inspiration growing up and will pass her ways to my kids as well

Friday, June 21, 2013

Aspin's day camp for cub scouts 2013

We had day camp for cub scouts for 3 days.  I went with him everyday them me and Jay both went Friday. Aspen had so much fun!  He was the first scout to catch a fish!  And did a krayfish.  He shot bbs guns,  slingshots, and bow and arrow.  He even shot the poker chip out with the bow: ) he's all proud he is now a wolf.  He also b pi ght this first aid kit at the trading post there..  he was so excited to buy that!  He carries it around with him and gets excited when he needs to use something out of it: ) they grow up so fast enjoy them while they are small! 

Cub scout duty this week was ...

So aspin and I worked the lemonade stand for cub scouts today!  He did great and really loves to make them.. talking about making them here and for everyone and not telling them the top secrete recipe: ) soo cute.  He really is a sweetheart.  was a hot day but we had fun hot sticky mess: )

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keep in mind

Life is short slow down and love life for what it truly is and be thankful just for the day .. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

O no is to.orrow monday ?...

Hope ur weekend was eventful....  now who came up with Monday? 

Mario tattoos

What can I say I love Mario this much; ) I grew up playing Mario and I raised my kids on Mario as well only seemed legit to dedicate my leg to it... haha it's in progress lot more work to go but follow me I will keep it updated as we go!  Some are cover ups.  Hey loook it's a marioooooo Lol nerd at heart

Friday, February 1, 2013

being thoughtful

there still are nice people out there ! my windshield washer fluid wouldn't work i went to kittanning today and had to stop to fill it up then it still wouldn't work was in my escalade well stopped at sheetz and was using the squeegee older guy beside me came over and said hun u can hardly reach that he told me to pop my trunk looked at it then washed all my windows side windows and messed around with it for a good bit it is -2 out so to go out of his way just to help was so nice ♥ he said i cant follow u around and do this but maybe u need to buy a ladder so u can reach LOL so to the guy from kittattanning who i have no idea who he was thanks ! i always says being nice pays off and will make others want to help out more as well ... well on my way home i was on this back road through this small town i seen this little chihuahua mix dog almost get hit by the ups truck then the truck in front of me almost hit him !! he went right under the truck and just barley missed getting hit by the tires .... i pulled over he came over just happy as could be followed me around as i knocked on all these houses around where he was finally someone answered and he didnt want to open the door really to talk to me at first prob wondered who the fuck i was he said o wow that is my neighbors dog he hates this weather idk y he even went out .. older lady came running over to me in her robe and slippers and was almost crying saying thank you hugged me and was all happy ♥ then said u better get going u don't even have a coat or socks on LOL keep being nice to people this was my story for the day be blessed

Monday, January 14, 2013

where does the time go ?... people say it a lot and you wont believe it but ...

People always told me growing up wow time goes so fast ... or when u meet the long far out family member who has not seen u since u where a baby would say wow u grew up so fast .. we use to roll our eyes and just say yeah .. but thinking yeah right time is dragging ? or was i the only one . either way i look back on my past 13 years and think wow how my life changed and wonder how them 13 years went by so fast ?... january 10th my son turned 12 !!! 12 !? what ? next year he will be a teenager ! and as i look at him growing up it doesn't seem like it was that long ago i was his age . I was a teen mom as well. Even tho it wasn't something u heard of often or maybe a few of us got pregnant in high school .. but nothing like it is portrayed  in todays media ! And at least from my perspective it was looked at a bit different. You hear of everyone having families young back in my day lol ( 12 years ago ) it was like o wow so and so is pregnant with a roll of eyes .. and a little part of me ( even tho i am 100% AGAINST judgement ) it might be a little better world if it still was like that maybe if it wasn't glorified in the media . ( we didnt have facebook when i was 17 lol no cell phones )  But its not so here is my experience , outlook , and advice , from living through it and looking back on the same situation in todays reasoning ...

here is my advice looking back on it now ....

 no matter what guy comes in and out of your life ( or for guys same with girls ) people will always lie, cheat, rude, or honest . there are all types of people out there ! you want to find the best people to influence you in life for whatever your passion in life is ... but how do you find it ? we have to go through a ton of assholes to find the perfect friend or perfect husband but no matter how hard it seems at the time trust me it will pay off in the end ! only treat people or talk about others the way you wouldnt mind hearing things about yourself. always have respect for others but do not let others life expectations interfere with yours. when you are my age you will have a handful of friends you still keep in contact with after highschool and as contact i don't just mean a friend on Facebook ! if you find yourself hating someone .. dont waste your time ! you wont get along with everyone in life ! just a fact u cant too many wide variety of opinions someone is bound to clash ! if you dont like or agree with them just ignore them ! dont let them get to you .. half the time your biggest haters are your biggest fans some hate themselves so they try to bring down others.. pray for them , smile and move on its not worth the time ! if you have someone who talks to you about others when they are not there trust me 100% they will talk about you to others when you are not there .. careful who u call friends and when they "act" like they care half them want to hear your problems because 1. they are happy you have them or 2. they want to find out just to have a story for others ! sounds rude and no idea how some can do that ?.. or you are reading this and the one doing it either way its not right ! always be honest the truth will always come out in the end anyway .. if you are lying to others you are lying to yourself ! no need to be someone for someone else as long as you are YOU that is all that matters you will attract more people being yourself than you would being someone fake .... you are only responsible for your own actions , make them worth it ! someday you will look back on life and will all be a memory .. make them worth it think it through the only thing that follows you for good through life is your own life story ! you wont be able to ever rewright it ! be the best author u can and teach as many as you can on the way !

my experience ....
 I was the one pregnant in high school .. with a questionable future ! I was the one they talked about, looked down on , or judged against ! and when they would look at me and say you ruined your life, or what are you going to do now , or the fake friends i had who acted like they supported me for what happened yet ran their mouths behind my back .. either way i always believed everything happens for a reason and these people who talked about me didn't know me they didn't know my story or even must not have known me for the person i am or they would have never talked ?... you have these people in life but i am blessed and thankful for the handful of real friends out of high school i did keep ~
I was always the "old soul" in high school I grew up fast and just how i would always be the "mother" out of the group ( even way before i really was )  i personally was so happy being pregnant young but if i would give advice now looking back just on the world alone i would ask the young ones to enjoy their life young family will always wait .. you want to find the right one and finding the right one with a little one is hard !!

My reality out of how my life was being a pregnant teen mom ( not the tv series ) I was out on my own young own bills .. I went to high school full time went to work right after school all night then back up to do it all the next day my whole time being pregnant it was hard and trying not only physically but its also a bit hard watching your fiends being able to have free time because they have no worries and you did and them not understanding ...
but on a true note kevin ( my son ) was the best thing to happen to me ! was it easy NO .. and being young you move a lot and just growing up with someone you are raising i think it made us closer ! i love him very much ... he is growing up to be such a well rounded kind hearted person and to know that i am a part of that is a blessing ! No matter the age you are we all have to be a influence on kids if you have kids or not ! set the right example because a new generation is looking at you on how to be guided ! ... make strong morals and high goals stay smart stay educated and stay true to yourself no one else will !

with that being said ( i wrote this in a way not to try to promote teen moms ) but I am truly blessed in my life ! my life played out amazing some have it easier than others you cant just look at one happy story be the motive to it "might" happen to me you have to way out each situation becuase like i said you are only responsible for your own actions someone else may have other motives

i didn't know if i wanted to wright this even if i was a teen mom i can look back on it and still say it is something i would not promote yes i did it .. and i bet if it did happen by accident you could handle it to but so much of life to do is when you are young just cherish it !!! then you can relive it all over again raising a family when you are ready .. and i know that sounds double standard out of me but its the truth young moms are amazing but however thats all i have known maybe young teenager is better that is one thing i would never know <3 be="be" blessed="blessed" chance="chance" dont="dont" for="for" it="it" miss="miss" nbsp="nbsp" out="out" p="p" reading="reading" take="take" thanks="thanks" to="to" your="your">

and after all all these people who said you couldnt do it looks up to you now as a inspiration its a blessing and im thankful for how everything played out in my life story and heres to a new chapter after all when we look back on life we want it to be a amazing story !
So here is to my son that turned 12 happy birthday .. you make my life amazing everyday cherish these times u will look back and say wow u are growing up to be a amazing teenager !


fake ass people ?.... my advice is this

if they are talking to you about someone behind their back ... they will talk about you behind yours ... choose wisely who u call friends ♥