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Sunday, June 30, 2013

michael jackson ft akon hold my hand in memory of my nan our music video...

we did this for my nan i miss her daily <3 she was a great inspiration growing up and will pass her ways to my kids as well

Friday, June 21, 2013

Aspin's day camp for cub scouts 2013

We had day camp for cub scouts for 3 days.  I went with him everyday them me and Jay both went Friday. Aspen had so much fun!  He was the first scout to catch a fish!  And did a krayfish.  He shot bbs guns,  slingshots, and bow and arrow.  He even shot the poker chip out with the bow: ) he's all proud he is now a wolf.  He also b pi ght this first aid kit at the trading post there..  he was so excited to buy that!  He carries it around with him and gets excited when he needs to use something out of it: ) they grow up so fast enjoy them while they are small! 

Cub scout duty this week was ...

So aspin and I worked the lemonade stand for cub scouts today!  He did great and really loves to make them.. talking about making them here and for everyone and not telling them the top secrete recipe: ) soo cute.  He really is a sweetheart.  was a hot day but we had fun hot sticky mess: )