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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My 2 year story ...

Sometimes life gives you hard choices. Sometimes we don't make the right ones. That's life. Learning and living through your mistakes and paying attention to stories of  others for inspiration.... Here's mine.  I grew up fast and was a young adult faster than most. When that happens you pick up bad habits and I am thankful the only bad habit I picked up was smoking cigarettes. They control your life I remember when I was out I needed another one or felt like I had to have one. I smoked about a pack pack and a half a day. People would tell me it stinks and honestly never noticed it.... until now. It  was a hard journey for me. And a lot of things triggered it. My nan had passed away and I always struggled with anxiety and hit some depression I guess. I noticed I was smoking more and nerves where a bit more worse than normal. Struggled with this alone for few years. When you loose a support system and people start to look at you for support and you can't give your 100 it works on you from inside out! Then after trying to quit with no real support or people only telling me I couldn't. That's when I realized it wasn't about anyone else it was for me. I decided I was going to quit that day. Had a half pack of cigarettes but said I wasnt going to smoke them. It was a new month ( September) and I had a month till my birthday. And that's what I wanted for my birthday present from myself. No one else could give it to me... was on me. And once I agree to something I always give 100% And that was it. I quit cold turkey with the help of hard candy. First few days where hard. Mouth watered and was really irritated. So much to the point where Jay just told me to smoke one. But thats not how it works. And I'm glad I didn't give into pressure around me. I believe its a mental addiction more so than physical. As I am sure both play huge factor. But you really have to have the will and mindset to quit. I didnt change anything. Ate the same, and never was a fan of working out. I did gain some weight after quiting but I was confident enough with myself to know that was better than smoking. Was weird tho I didn't change anything idk if it messes with your metabolism or what. I did spend this year trying to get back into my regular jeans. And I have done that. ( that was my birthday pressent to myself this year! ) I replaced some of my mt dew with water. Still everything the same but also have a more positive views really think that all played a factor into it. This was my 2 year journey. And here I am 2 years later telling you cigarette smoke does stink. You can smell it / taste it for days. and if anyone tells you that you can't do something never listen to that! It's been 2 years and I couldn't be happier. And I know it's not a really big accomplishment considering everything else people go through but we all have a struggle. They told me I would feel so different after I quit. And if I was to be truthful I haven't seen a difference. Other than my smell is better! So there was my 2 year journey story. I hope someone reading this takes inspiration to change a bad habbit in their life. Nothing is impossible and you only set your own limits... make them limitless! And days when you wake up and think you have no one... look in the mirror or at your kids thats all that matters one day at a time one step closer! Some won't even confront the fact you quit or say good job or give little motivation. Keep going people are jealous or rude. 1 year smoke free I decided to give myself a tattoo died out on my foot. Little odd my tattoo artist said but it's part of my story. Good luck creating yours ♡