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Saturday, June 21, 2014

kittens by weeks

  • Under one week- Eyes shut, ears flat to head, skin looks pinkish. Part of umbilical cord may still be attached. Weight < 4oz.
  • 1 week-10 days- Eyes beginning to open, ears still flat. A kitten this age is smaller than your hand. 4 to 6oz weight.
  • 2 weeks- Eyes open bright blue color, kittens will crawl a bit on their tummies, and basically just sleep and nurse. No teeth yet. 6 to 8oz. weight.
  • 3 weeks- Eyes are fully open, ears are erect, teeth are becoming visible, may just be begining to come through the gums Kittens this age are just starting to walk and will be very wobbly. 8 to 12 oz weight.
  • 4-5 weeks- Kittens have begun to pounce and leap. Kittens this age will begin to eat regular cat food, and will begin to use a litter box. They are still quite small at this age. they will weigh anywhere from 1/2 lb to 1 lb.
  • 6-7 weeks- Kittens are quite active and weigh about 1 pound to 1 an 1/2 pounds Their eye color, changes from blue to its permanent color. May still be friendly and approach people. Very playful at this stage.
  • 8 weeks- Kittens this age weigh approximately 1 and 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds. If they have not been exposed to humans, they will likely be feral and unapproachable.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Almost 4 weeks!

So look who's taking over my house :)
Most of you know we had kittens by accident.  But a cute one right?? My son is so proud of these kittens, it's too cute. We are in the process of naming them ( what to see personality first ) until the naming blog .. this is their 4 week update!

There is a solid gray one ( left back ) and a super long crazy haired black one with white spot on his chest ( back right ) these two favor each other and are little more laid back. The biggest one ( back right ) also is the biggest baby. He gets scared a lot lol 

I hate to have favorites but if I did it would be these two. The little tiger stripped one ( such cute markings these pictures don't give him justice. He is the smallest and is the leader ! He taught them all to climb out of the box at 3 weeks. The others took a week to learn it. He will walk up to anyone. He is my fearless little leader for sure. Followed closely by this solid black one. He loves my black lab. And the tiger one favors towards owdie ( my chihuahua) the tiger one always went for cat food ( at 3 weeks) I soaked some in water and he loves it. Makes always mess but loves it. These two are independent and the gray and fluffy black are not so much. 

This little black one is wicked with his claws already. They are climbing my couch. 

The two in back are girls 2 in front are boys. 

They are starting to play with each other so cute! My other cats are fine with them. And bit more playful as well. 

This little gray one is my son aspin's favorite.  And she follows him around already.  Always by his side. He watches after all his kittens and does great! He's so proud of them. And these will all stay in our family. Can't break them up. The stray that had them will be going in to get fixed! This is very important please so many pets need homes. Spray and fix your pets and adopt if you can! The momma cat was a drop off at my house. Glad to see kittens where healthy and doing great! A mistake addition to our family but how could I say no to these faces. 

They all are now at not 4 weeks trying to clean them self and and to ready showing interest in litter box. I will be training them to go to toliet. I'm not a fan of cat litter :) hope it goes well. Will keep a progress with them and I have been recording. Check my youtube videos for weekly videos ands they get more playful. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

nursing home runaway?

well a way to end my night... it was 1030 pm ,  on my way home on back country middle of no where roads i pass this woman dressed in all black clothing kindof threw me off guard and wow she really could have got hit! i passed her and after looking at her wow she didnt look like i knew her or should be walking i reversed it and talked to her for a bit. she was out of breath but wow determined! fistey little old woman! she was walking to her house she said she broke out of the nursing home. I hated to but I had to call someone for her to help her. she honestly walked about 3 miles ( that is the closest nursing home ) who knows what one she got out of. she was tired out of breath and didnt want to get in the car with me. ( dont blame her ) but wow she doesn't want to go back. i had to have someone come sit with her while i went and called for help. didn't have the heart for her to hear me ratting her out. nice woman tho! wish her the best. if she would have gotten in the car with me I would have taken her for a ride passed her old house then back to the nursing home  put me in mind of my nan got a little teary eyed. my nan never wanted to be in a nursing home. she never had to but if it would have gotten to the point I would have moved her in with me. be blessed and be careful take time to listen to older people wisdom sometimes comes in weird ways. im blessed to have talked to Marcey for the 15 minutes i did! she told me a lot of stories in a short amount  of time!  I will talk about it often  hope she finds her way back.

I plan on going to take pictures of the address she gave me, and visit her in the nursing home. if she will remember me or not , and if the address is right no idea. but I told her I would and I am good with my word. 

Old school tattoo advice?

So I went to a local flea market this weekend.

This older guy  (guessing he was in his late 60s ) covered in old school tattoos, walked up to me. He smiled and said you are beautiful,  but I must ask how's the world treating you. ( meaning being heavily tattooed)

My reply was simply the key to life is never worry about what other people think. He then smiled and agreed the key to life is never get old.

Smart man. I agreed and went on my way.