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Sunday, January 23, 2011

as time goes on ...

as time goes on we slowly realize who is important who wasn't and who we want to be but sadly wont ever be .... don't worry its out of our hands and have to leave our life somewhat in gods hands and understand the outcome of a bad situation. no matter how sad we are today better tomorrows and we slowly forget what was so wrong with our sad days as we look back... cherish life for soon we look back and it is a faint memory .. life changes so do we some by choice some we are forced to change due to someones actions but be thankful for whatever experience you are going through and you would never be you if it wasn't all the good and bad added into your life don't hate it accept it change what you can and just deal and handle the bad the best you can ! i ask my self who what when were and why
my answers to this is
who ever you are who gave me a reason to look at my life the way i do thank you
what ever it was im thankful i got through it and learned how or not to do something
when it was doesn't matter today is all that matters
were you are must not matter if you didn't make it into my todays
why it happened was not your choice or mine it was fate
(:blink ... smile... no cries ... these are the days of our lives (; sadly we all cry but thankfully get over it we all frown but i predict a smile in the future and best advice don't blink too long moments like these you only get once in a lifetime be blessed be thankful
xoxo amanda

Sunday, January 9, 2011

where does the time go ?

well as my mom use to tell me time goes so fast and i remember me rolling my eyes think o wow i was bored well fast forward it about 10 years i find myself saying the same thing ... my oldest son is turning 10 bitter sweet and thinking back through my moms eyes when she use to tell me that i find myself saying it but it is really true and i don't think you will realize how fast until you have kids or at least i didn't ! we must enjoy the time be thankful for each thing learned and mistake the fights the screams and let the smiles outshine it all for soon this will be a faint memory of life (: kevin is all excited to turn 10 and to be in 2 digits he says ha too cute as kids in my mind seem to grow up a lot faster in todays then when i was a kid ( not that old 28 ) but wow times do change as i see my 9 yr. old with a cell phone and laptop thinking he is full grown. kids are truely amazing in each and everything they do or say and the world is theres imbrase it let big dreams and high hopes turn into a reality . be thankful for each birthday and think about the next one but really remember what it took for you to get to this birthday... im thankful for kevin and we both have taught each other alot i love you and happy birthday ! * huggs

Sunday, January 2, 2011

thoughts going into 2011

Emotions have taught us to reason, The only questions worth asking today is whether you are going to have any emotions to deal with tomorrows Don't let life discourage live each day with no regrets be blessed xx
Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways. never to late to change have a good start