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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghosts lake review

Well we love October and always looking for new scary places to go...this week it happened to be in conneaut lake Pennsylvania. This was a drive for me I back tracked a bit cause I had to pick everyone up so took me 2 and half hours of driving one way. I was fully loaded in the esclade :) and we where off for a road trip.I left at 2:30 got to the lake at 6:45 . My sister is the planner she wasn't happy I was a hour late... I always pick on her but this time she was  right! But we still got there early! We got our tickets at the door they where 25 each and kids 10 and under was 17 . This was so different than any other haunted attraction I have ever been too. There was a amusement park but people also lived there... like a ride then beside it was a families house! Different and not where I would live but still neat... there was 13 houses and attractions we worked through. If you can make it past the chainsaws you will be fine :) I was going to bring my youngest ( 7 ) but I it may have been too scary but I should have it would have been ok for him! We all where a bit disappointed on this one... don't get me wrong was good but surely not worth 6hours round trip worth. However last weekend was pumpkin festival and had all kinds of booths and food. We didn't have much time to look through:( it takes 2 full hours to walk through. We went in at 7 walked out at 9:30 however you have to wait in 13 lines!!!! And they got real long some where least hour and half long line.. with 13 lines that can be a long time... thank my sister because we had no lines get there early, if you go. I personally would not go again there are better ones out there. There was 13 houses to get through but some where so short. But the fog was horrible no one could see eyes burning and couldn't breathe a lot of people got escorted out and had a lot of medical problems. Over all it was ok. The rollercoaster at the end was fun, but old wooden one so it's ruff nothing scary just pitch black! Anyone else go? Scare factor I say it was 4/10

Sunday, October 13, 2013


most important thing you can give someone is a chance... but like anything if you are giving something, people get greedy and soon its not appreciated and they just expect it smart enough to understand the limit of chances