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Saturday, September 19, 2009

life is sometimes so hard

i went to my nans she is my life raised me and was in my oldest sons life all the time she is such a kind hearted person and truly the nicest person i have ever met ! i am thankful for her i have a great out look on life and she made me the person i am today ! when i was prego with my youngest son they gave her 6 months to a year to live this was the heardest thing to ever have to hear she has always had a bad heart and wouldnt go through ther serg ! broke my heart but she always supported me in what ever i did so i did the same today it has been 4 years since they told her a year at max ! i am thankful and greatful but as time goes on and it gets harder for me to realize life without her ! hard to think about for ne one but a reality we all will have to face ! she is on oxgen all the time and it breaks my heart there is nothing i can do sooo hard ! to watch someone who took care of u slowly turn to u and look up to u and need help ! i am thankful my kids both have bet their great grandma ! but not sure how to deal with the pain ! ive never lost ne one in my life and now of all ppl the most important person is just a hard reality to deal with ! my nan and pap are both 83 ! and married last week 62 years amazing ! god bless them and not too many couples see 62 years of marrage as too many devorice or find someone who looks better or whatever but if reading this take a min sit back and be thankful for what and who you have in your life who is the most important person in your life and let me kno ! leave a comment and take care and god bless !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thoughts for the day !

try to do something nice daily to someone u dont know smile hold a door let a car out in frount of u when driving ! donate even if its change spread the word about something important .. whatever it is small or big you may change someones day and ull never kno it take small steps to treating each other better and together one step at a time we will make leaps of hope for others who our self centered around us ! dont change who u are for someone else u will never be able to make everyone happy if its ur looks ur voice ur personality ur thoughts or belifs or just u as a person just be yourself and be open minded and gives others a chance ! because in the end as long as you are happy and the ones u love does ne thing else matter ? take care xoxox

Monday, September 14, 2009


sometimes people love to get you down love to get you all worked up and make u mad or upset for no reason if this happens alot to you .... you need to think who you really want and need to have in your life ! ppl that get u down are a waste of your time and probly will not change so you need to be around positive people and treat others the way you like to be treated if you dont get the same respect then just turn away with a smile because u im sure are a better person than that be open minded but not too open minded where everyone knows what you are thinking ! same more bad than good but the good hold on to and my best advice is charish the times you have now you soon will look back and all will just be a faint memory !