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Thursday, December 4, 2014

my Christmas tree 2014

I absolutely love this time of season! And I live in Pennsylvania so I am ready for our first bad snow storm! But most of all I just love the feel of christmas.  The decorations,  the food, family, just so much fun making these memories! 

Thus year we have kittens! Well they are 5 months old so they are still fun.  And their first christmas tree? They think it's for them. I do a lot of  redecorating daily lol.  But that's half the fun.

I can't keep them out of the tree so i just take pictures when i do see them in there lol. Or under it.... they guard this tree all day.

But anyway we decided to do a white tree this year. I have blue, white and pink lights. And all blue decorations.  The snowman beside it came from sears last year.

Someone is always under the tree, and my son's always checking in on them too! 

The one who gets in to everything the most goes to this tabby cat ( we named simba ) he's always in the tree. And how does he get in there? He just jumps straight into it.Always taking ornaments off, and proud of it lmao he's fun to yell at 

Our tree this year white tree and snowman both from sears, I have pink, blue and white lights on it. 

I do have 2 little hello kitty trees decorated as well :) one in my bathroom and one tall skinny one behind my couch.