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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

life can be a bitch but u have to deal with it (;

real life is not about what the way things could have been its what about what all u make of it will leave u stressed out .. left out wondering the dumbest things .. let everything get under our skin..trying to impress someone fucked in the head but at the end of the day after all said and done get ready to go back at them positive or negative doesn't matter when u living u have to deal with all them leaving life and im happy (; life is all about the things u will never figure out who chooses whats right or wrong all a matter of opion keep ur morals to ur standards its ur life just make sure u kno what u want its ur life but it can be a bitch so u have to learn to deal with it xoxoxox

Friday, November 18, 2011

holiday seasons what to remember ...

i would be the first one to tell you i love holiday seasons ! i love to bake , cook , decorate , shopping (; and family ! i love the snow and long cold nights ... but as we go into the rush of the holiday seasons please keep in mind someone is always less fortunate ... as you go passed the bells ringing for change , give what u can .. if u cant give change exchange a smile , tech your kids the meanings behind y we celebrate these holidays .. other than just a man in a white beard and red suit bringing toys... keep in mind as u sit with ur family to eat and share time together there is someone out there sleeping on the streets with no family and no hot meal .. keep in mind your blessed but also try to share the blessings whatever way you can ... keep im mine some kids do not have loving familys , will not get a toy , as u look out of your warm house into the snow keep in mind those who cant afford to heat their house if they are lucky enough to have a house .. keep in mind the world does not owe u ne thing ! everything u have its not luck ur blessed ! ... true story ... last year i was christmas shopping , i run into a guy with not so great clothes a bit of a smell and no teeth i looked at him and he smiled back as happy as could be as im holding all my bags walking out of the mall he was sitting with no bags barley a winter coat on as i loaded my car i must admit a little scared he got up started walking away and said have a blessed holiday smiled waved and walked away .. as i started my car and thought wow its cold i couldnt help but wonder where he was walking to and thought to myself how blessed i was to have a car and money to be able to go shopping .. and honestly as i shopped with rude people and the bumps and rude words from others buying hundreds of dollars worth of items the nicest person i met was outside the mall with nothing .. sometimes bad things happen to good people keep this in mind !!! im sure alot of unfortunate people didn't wish for that im sure they have dreams and hopes and wants just like all of us ! but he had his hopes and smiles on ! he is blessed for that ! we all have went through hard times .. but really look back at whatever u think of what u thought was a bad day .. then get educated and look around someone always has it worst off than u ! it breaks my heart as much food and things in the us let alone throw away there should never be a person going to bed hungry or not warm !!!! i wish i could help everyone i cant y i try to bring awareness to you reading this .. hold a door give a smile or give what u can just don't take give back as well too ! i hope everyone has a blessed great holidays ! remember sometimes the people we look at and think we would never have anything in common are the most similar people we can find (; worry about the person inside xoxo <3 amanda

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

will my balloon make it to heaven ?

this blog is going to take a lot out of me to write but was so touching to me i felt like i had to share
as most of you know i lost my nan a few months ago really missed and in my heart forever !

i had my youngest son at the dollar tree i was getting some things for a video and said he could pick out a toy ... what did he pick out ? a balloon but it was the story he told me as we where standing there looking at craft items he looked at me and said im going to get this balloon and let it go and maybe nanny will see it and come back down when it looses air .. as i try not to completely loose it and break down crying i said with tears in my eyes awe that is so thoughtful of u ! he then said well remember when i lost my smiley face balloon did nan see that .. heaven is hard to explain in the first place but to a 5 year old .. as i had tears in my eyes i found a smile and realized how very blessed we where that my nans caring thoughts live inside me and followed onto my kids she has always meant so much and this proves she will always live on in heart ... wow i miss her so much but im so thankful to have someone like her looking after us as she always has .. .. ( i wasnt sure if he would change his mind after the ride home with the balloon ) but aspin then released his balloon not saying a word just got out of the car and let it go looking up till u could no longer see it and he just watched ... after it was no longer in site he looked at me and said it must still have air in it ... walking in the house with tears going down my face he said mom its not going to work is it .. i said i don't think so buddy but was really thoughtful and im sure u brought tears to nans eyes as well but she is watching over u but u cant see her ... and that was about it such a inspirational story but so sad at the same time .. this took alot out of me to hear and watch but wow i truly am so blessed and i have such thoughtful kids ... give up a toy to get a chance to see a loved one again i wish it was that easy .. but will meat again thanks for sharing my todays moments be blessed and be open (: