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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our family is getting bigger!

These kittens sure do keep us busy!
But so cute right ??

We have them all named ... tiger/leopard looking one is simba the smaller black one is spark the gray one aspin calls mittens. And the longer haired black one is named fat mack ( even tho a girl )

They are all such good cats! Playful and crazy yet loving and like to snuggle.

I have never kept a full litter, and it's nice to see how close they all are. And momma cat is such a good mom. Always teaching them something! 
Most vocal cats I ever have had tho! They just meow around about little of everything. .. different meow tones depending on what they want. Makes it fun :)

Some people are against declawing cats but I am sorry I know it is kindof cruel yet needed! Especially when we get moved into our new house! So they will all be going to the vet for declawing and to all get fixed for sure ♡

Fall ♡

Ok so I must admit I do love fall and winter!

Just all the holidays and activities are so much fun !

From corn mazes to fall bon fires the food and carving pumpkins ♡ kids and I always have fun! All the Halloween stores are opening and as everyone else is complaining about how they opened too early, kids and I are excited to check them all out. Lol

My sister and I have always planned somewhere to go for a haunted house, we drive all over. Just something we like to do in October. .. it's getting close will have to figure out where to go fun this year!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another year of firsts. ..

Well today was the kids first day back to school !

Kevin was so excited last night I do not think he got any sleep! he loves school and is really into his fashion and had everything laid out and had to make sure everything was just perfect :) 8th grade is a big deal you know! I think he did great job picking his first outfit lol it took him lots of trying on new clothes to figure out the right one ;) Hope he has a great year! 

Aspin on the other hand was never a huge fan of school, but first days are always exciting to him! He had to wear red because his brother wore red too. But hes not into clothes yet. however he loves his new shoes! shame their bookbags didnt come yet ( i ordered online a bit late) Aspin is going into 3rd grade this year! and wow where is the time going? I remember 1st day of kindgergarden like it was yesterday! They both are growing up into great little men! I couldnt be more proud! 

This is Luckie, our outside bus stop mascot stray <3 always="" and="" bus="" everyday="" for="" get="" is="" kids="" makes="" nbsp="" off="" ok.="" on="" p="" she="" sure="" the="" there="" they="" too="" when="">

Heres to another year of school! I hate to see them go, I love them home! 

How was your kids first day of school back?
I cant wait to hear how their days went! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Owl visit ...

Ok so I should start off by my nan loved owls. She had a collection of owls and that was her favorite,  my nan has passed away and it's coming up on 3 years.... in 3 weeks. Well today was me and my husband's anniversary.  It was 12:01am and I was on my way home with my friend from getting my husband a anniversary gift. I laughed and said while driving " I should get him a winding road sign" for a gift as I thought it would be funny few minutes later we pass a sign on drivers side ( I couldn't read the sign ) just seen a bird ontop of the sign looked at my friend and said that was a owl. She said omg your crazy how did you see it. It's too dark I said idk I think it was. Half mile down road after passing it, I turn around and go back to see it. While I turned around she said she heard it hoot. I went back to the sign and parked right in front of it. It was still sitting there! It slowly looked at me for awhile it seemed then flew away. We then realized the sign it was sitting on was a winding road sign! I got goose bumps. Was it a sign for myself or simple coincidence?  My nan loved owls it was our anniversary and coming up on my son's birthday and my nans passing anniversary.  My husband says I read into things too much. I would like to think I dont. And everything happens for a reason.  That was my first time seeing a owl in person. And was so close and personal.  Something that will always have a meaning to myself!