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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

for the support ...

as another year adds on ... and another year wiser, you cant help but stop and look back and wonder y the time seems to go by so fast ... mins into hours into days into months then into years ... never let any small time slip away enjoy every little part good and bad because someday we will look back and it will all be a faint memory the only thing that lasts with us to the end is our morals, memories and heart so follow it... so many of you have messaged me saying happy birthday.. and im so grateful ! thanks for the support not just today everyday someone always asks wow how can you open up so much of your life and put it online .. i had to think about it strangely for a sec because i have been online for so many years i couldn't imagine life without friends all over the world and to me i enjoy it and feel grateful ! we may not all have the same interests or style but either way whatever video, tweet, or fb post  u seen to get u to start to watch my videos and in somehow be interested enough to get to know me and my family .. thank you ! this goes to show in the world there is too much judgement we all can relate in someway somehow no matter what language u speak no matter where in the world u live and no matter if we look different or not when u start looking around we are all more alike than some of us would like to admit (: either way just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out to tell me happy birthday and taking the time to read this and as always be blessed

the ONLY man in my life who i 100% trust and who has been there for me a lifetime .. such a positive influence, amazing inspiration, taught me about life, morals and not to judge, and i watched them in love for a lifetime and it always gave me hope that true love is possible ...i will always be thankful for having this positive influence in my life and it will always bring a smile to my face along
 with wisdom i couldn't wish a better person a happy birthday even tho he will never see this post .. today is my paps birthday and i am so thankful for him and his views , thankful for how i was raised and i think he did amazing job ! our birthdays are a day apart we have always close he has lived his life the most honest, loving way i know and for this is y i have always looked up to him for he has had a influence on me, my kids and had a influence on anyone who has ever met him ... i know my nan is looking down wishing she could have just one more birthday with us but she will always be a part of our life and our choices so heres to my pap ! happy 85th birthday ♥ you !!!