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Monday, November 19, 2012

sometimes the truth can be misleading ...

wondering how some of u come into the grasp of what u think "truth"is ?.... like who do u rely on to give u the truth ..Ah the truth... where are you? Why are you so shy? Why are you so hard to find? Where to put your trust on? Who to trust? Is it even possible? Do you really believe is still possible to know THE truth with all the greed and self centered people or are we slowly watching our morals and future generations to be destroyed or was the truth ever around to begin with ;) just my thoughts but maybe some of u can relate to me ?.... have u ever been lied to by someone u love ?... a boyfriend a best friend a parent ?... if someone can lie to u that should know u better than anyone y would u put all ur trust in the "real media" world with one group of people who are all owned by the same people u don't think they will lie to u ?... not just the media with everything sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction u have all the information u need at ur fingertips right now research it from all angles and make up ur own truth .... cause in the end life is all a matter of opinion make wise choices but better yet make sure they are educated choices not everyone will agree with u on everything that is fine just make sure u researched it where u are happy to say what u believe in .. i see so many uneducated on one extreme to another and who will stand up and say what they believe but yet not knowing the basic facts ... sad world we live in don't get blinded get educated ! and dont take anyones beliefs and think they are so wrong and there is ONLY one way to think this is not true we are all aloud to have our own outlooks on life but take others thoughts into mind as well never be close minded u never know ... and always show love not hate  <3 lots="lots" love="love" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" span="span" xoxoamandakisses="xoxoamandakisses">

Sunday, November 4, 2012

a house update ....

 here is my makeup and craft room started putting some things up on the walls .. first nails into a new house is pretty intense lol or so my husband thought :) i hang everything ....
 my craft mess set up so far still need my dest and wanting new makeup holders to match so its coming along the color is so bright u almost need sunglasses when walking in lol and im not sure how good of a filming room this will be for my youtube videos cause it gives off a really weird color on camera we will see what i can do tho !
well we have been building this house for years ! hahaha but its slowly looking like a house !! yay ! my husband has built this house from the ground up ! just out of money as we had it so y it is taking it seems forever ! but will be so worth it in the end no rush and being able to do it all how we want it has been fun ! me and jay put the floor in the kitchen last month just me and him and wow it wasnt easy im not going to lie ! it is vinyl floor and it locks together and is like a floating floor so u just lock it together and that is it sounds easy enough right ?... we would get in about 9 boards then one would pop out and we would have to start all over again we started this floor at 9am and got done with it at 8pm no breaks just kept going it was at times frustrating but we got it !!!!! we added our curio cabinet and table in there as well just to see what it looks like ! and i really need to go do some curtain shopping <3 a="a" all="all" amazing="amazing" and="and" appliances="appliances" as="as" at="at" black="black" but="but" buy="buy" cabinets="cabinets" countertop="countertop" decorated="decorated" does="does" floor="floor" gray="gray" here="here" hoping="hoping" house="house" i="i" is="is" it="it" look="look" looking="looking" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" need="need" not="not" ok="ok" our="our" p="p" pink="pink" print="print" sits="sits" slowly="slowly" so="so" some="some" still="still" the="the" think="think" to="to" was="was" we="we" white="white" whole="whole" with="with" woodish="woodish" would="would" zebra="zebra">

 first time sweeping prob the only time i will get into this hahahaha
 final project ! think this is a filter from instagram