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Monday, July 7, 2014

stranger at walmart followed me

well my cats made me go to walmart once again at midnight because their bowl was empty... filled it back up when i got back and they looked at it and walked away... assholes  before I left you would have thought they where starving so I went to walmart just to get catfood just had a hoodie on and left my purse in my car, knew my pockets where shallow and thought before I got out of my car my money and keys would fall out did it anyway.... well I was walking in walmart got a few things made it back to checkout... only one checkout and about 7 people ahead of me I tried to wait calmly but I honestly hate walmart they get to me and tell me it will be 10 minutes they had to change registers over ...ok fine whatever I was thinking... only to find this older guy walk up to me and said you are one hard one to track down I was confused he didn't look like I knew him, he told me here you dropped this in the parking lot! not too many people would bring me back my 70 dollars I dropped! WOW good people still around. I tried to give him a 10 just for him being so nice and not only giving it back but to try to find me in the store. He said absolutely not he needed the exercise and thats what all people should do. I honestly don't understand how I run into such nice people but I'm blessed I do.  everything happens for a reason! now only if I could get my cats to be just as considerate lol 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kittens 6 weeks old update

Well I got the Lazer pointer out... not what I expected haha they got a hang of it tho! 

This one got sick.of it fast! 

I had some shipping, I needed to do... this is what happened. I big mess wow they had little packing peanuts everywhere. All in good fun tho! Angel ( mom ) was always right there teaching and protecting. 

Out of everything it was the envelope that was a huge hit! And I added this to top favorite toys so far lol. They played in this added lol day too cute! 

Head first then turn around. If they fit they going in! 

This one ( fat mac ) took few naps in his little envelope.  I found on ebay something similar like addedllroundnything little bag sac. Can't wait till it gets here bet they will love it!