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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Helping people who are rude to you...

Ok so here is a story.... I was in the craft store by myself getting a few things for a video, when a mom and her daughter ( daughter was about 9 ) where in the same isle, I walked passed said excuse me and smiled.. just like I always do... I was returned by her ( the mom not the daughter ) not moving after looking at me with a disgusted face and roll of her eyes finally she moved very little for me to squeeze by ( we had no carts ) after walking passed she looks at her daughter and says if you grow up to look like that I will never talk to you people like that are nobody. And I went about my scrapbook shopping.  She must have checked out right before me I was loading my car when she had her hood up on her car and was looking confused. . Parkinglot was empty  (it was 10 mins till the store closed) just me and her honestly I thought about being a bitch and just getting in my hummer and going home, but that's not me, ...I went to help her I had jumper cables.  I drove over and realized it was just a battery terminal off... it started up.. she never told me thanks, And that is fine! I'm sure she was embarrassed. . I looked at the daughter and told her my son's are your age ... make sure you don't judge people.... you just  never know   and was on my way....  I was raised to always help others, even those who can not help you!


  1. I hope her daughter questioned her to death about her statement. You did a wonderful thing and taught her a lesson too!

    1. yeah I almost felt bad for the woman but hey that is instant karma for her really lol I hope the daughter did too! I could tell the daughter was imbarassed even in the store when she wouldn't move and said that! people are rude but hey everyone has their turning point I hope this was hers and she changes for the better !


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