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Thursday, December 29, 2011

new house update

well we are slowly getting there !!!! if u have been friends or followed me for awhile it seems like it has been taking forever right ???! lol we are doing this all ourselves and now jay has some free time over the winter the rest will go fast !!! 
we just got our kitchen cabinets in he wanted to wait till they were in before he did the floor so yay they are in and looking i think amazing !! 
pics below 

 u know i am the crazy cat woman right (:
 the knobs are my favorite i bought these 3 years ago !!!! and u have no idea how happy i am to finally have them up and on these !!!!! plans in the long time making coming together!
our cabinets where made by the amish if u live near me and want to know who just message me on fb and i will let u know ! these where 4,000 dollars cheaper than lowes or home depot !!!! and real wood and auto close so u can slam as hard as u want but close automatic <3 will be nice with the kids the finish is black alot asked if it was a dark brown NO i hate real wood color (:

just some things in the house that is already done pictures and video soon !!!
we got black bathroom things  sink , toilet , and jacuzzi  tub ( cant wait to get in there lol ) 2 bathrooms
flooring im not sure yet hubby didnt buy it yet but we have radiant heat ( in the floors ) all through the house
as for carpet in the house yeah its zebra print all through and leopard in our bedroom the kids rooms we just did white and they can decor whatever they want ( they change minds on weekly basis ) so didnt want to paint one color !!!!
they have a hole in their ceiling there will be a rope ladder up to second floor bedroom and will overlook the living room and kitchen on the second floor
my makeup / video / craft room is hot pink love the color couldnt be happier with it i will be decorating it this week so will for sure do a video on that !!!
and my hubby got his 4 car garage sadly we have more than 4 cars so idk how that is going to work out lol see another garage in our future /:
but just a update HUNDREDS have asked and keep asking so here is what we are working on will post pics on facebooks and videos as i decorate and yes a house tour once its all the way i want it !!!!
be blessed thanks for the interest


  1. I'm so jealous, your kitchen looks incredible

    1. awe thanks so much sorry just now seen this comment xoxo