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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not the destination but the stories on the way

Seeing where you need to be is easy, getting there is what is hard, take directions from others lightly, most people don't know how to get there either... others act like they do, but really are blind. You will end up getting lost and the others are just looking for the easiest way there... after all its really not about the destination, its about the stories on the way.. take some time you will get there, the longer it takes the better the stories and stronger you will be

Friday, October 3, 2014

1 month of change

Ok so if you even thought you knew me the slightest,  you knew I was a smoker.... camel lights to be exact. .. all the time for many of many years!

As I look back.... I wish I could change!!  Sadly I can't I am going to  change my today's :)

I didn't want to make it "official" until I knew I kicked it for good! I told myself when i hit 1 month I would tell everyone!  

I have 2 son's I quit each time when I was pregnant with them... after I had them I always started back up!???? No idea maybe habbit or maybe stress either way just a excuse. 

I woke up one day looked at my husband and Said I'm going to stop smoking ... him being as supportive as he is.. laughed and said yeah right. :) 

One month later I'm laughing at him saying see I told you :)

I smoked a pack a day sometimes less sometimes more. And just quit.  I didn't wean myself off , or limit one or few a day .....
just went from solid pack a day to next day 0 ! And it worked.

I was ready to rip my husband's face off a few days after I quit!!  ( nothing out of ordinary lol kidding ) little moody tried to keep myself busy  but other than that it wasn't all that hard. It's a mind set! 

I have tried to stop or slow down many of times and to be honest and a smoker of many many many years. I think it's all a mind set! You have to be ready and really want to!

And that day i was determined to do it! I must have been successful. Well one month successful!  .

And If you are trying to stop ... don't get frustrated if you are trying! I failed many of times!! Keep trying! You can do it! Trust me if I can anyone can! Not only I was addicted to cigarettes but I kind of enjoyed it.

I did for a few days to kick the habbit use lollipops it helped !!

After the month of not smoking cigarettes I can kind of tell a difference ( not a huge difference tho! ) with smells. Some say taste will be better to I have yet to really notice that. But I know I am healthier.  Honestly I feel the same but obviously better for me!

My birthday is this month and it was my goal date .... October 18th was my goal and I wanted to do it for myself !...for me ,couldn't think of a better gift! And almost kicking the habbit a month ahead of my deadline ..... winning lol :)

If you are trying to quit and need support I'm here! It's hard but you can do anything you set your mind to! I'm here if you need a chat!  ♡ xoxo here is to a cigarette smoke free life :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Helping people who are rude to you...

Ok so here is a story.... I was in the craft store by myself getting a few things for a video, when a mom and her daughter ( daughter was about 9 ) where in the same isle, I walked passed said excuse me and smiled.. just like I always do... I was returned by her ( the mom not the daughter ) not moving after looking at me with a disgusted face and roll of her eyes finally she moved very little for me to squeeze by ( we had no carts ) after walking passed she looks at her daughter and says if you grow up to look like that I will never talk to you people like that are nobody. And I went about my scrapbook shopping.  She must have checked out right before me I was loading my car when she had her hood up on her car and was looking confused. . Parkinglot was empty  (it was 10 mins till the store closed) just me and her honestly I thought about being a bitch and just getting in my hummer and going home, but that's not me, ...I went to help her I had jumper cables.  I drove over and realized it was just a battery terminal off... it started up.. she never told me thanks, And that is fine! I'm sure she was embarrassed. . I looked at the daughter and told her my son's are your age ... make sure you don't judge people.... you just  never know   and was on my way....  I was raised to always help others, even those who can not help you!