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Friday, October 3, 2014

1 month of change

Ok so if you even thought you knew me the slightest,  you knew I was a smoker.... camel lights to be exact. .. all the time for many of many years!

As I look back.... I wish I could change!!  Sadly I can't I am going to  change my today's :)

I didn't want to make it "official" until I knew I kicked it for good! I told myself when i hit 1 month I would tell everyone!  

I have 2 son's I quit each time when I was pregnant with them... after I had them I always started back up!???? No idea maybe habbit or maybe stress either way just a excuse. 

I woke up one day looked at my husband and Said I'm going to stop smoking ... him being as supportive as he is.. laughed and said yeah right. :) 

One month later I'm laughing at him saying see I told you :)

I smoked a pack a day sometimes less sometimes more. And just quit.  I didn't wean myself off , or limit one or few a day .....
just went from solid pack a day to next day 0 ! And it worked.

I was ready to rip my husband's face off a few days after I quit!!  ( nothing out of ordinary lol kidding ) little moody tried to keep myself busy  but other than that it wasn't all that hard. It's a mind set! 

I have tried to stop or slow down many of times and to be honest and a smoker of many many many years. I think it's all a mind set! You have to be ready and really want to!

And that day i was determined to do it! I must have been successful. Well one month successful!  .

And If you are trying to stop ... don't get frustrated if you are trying! I failed many of times!! Keep trying! You can do it! Trust me if I can anyone can! Not only I was addicted to cigarettes but I kind of enjoyed it.

I did for a few days to kick the habbit use lollipops it helped !!

After the month of not smoking cigarettes I can kind of tell a difference ( not a huge difference tho! ) with smells. Some say taste will be better to I have yet to really notice that. But I know I am healthier.  Honestly I feel the same but obviously better for me!

My birthday is this month and it was my goal date .... October 18th was my goal and I wanted to do it for myself !...for me ,couldn't think of a better gift! And almost kicking the habbit a month ahead of my deadline ..... winning lol :)

If you are trying to quit and need support I'm here! It's hard but you can do anything you set your mind to! I'm here if you need a chat!  ♡ xoxo here is to a cigarette smoke free life :)

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