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Friday, September 14, 2012

a friend in a weird situation

well i ran into giant eagle today .. just to grab some things for a cookout , i was looking at lettus when this woman  ( maybe mid 70s) came up to me and started rubbing my arm asking if it hurt lol noticing it was my tattoos she was talking about, i said well not as bad as u would think depends on where u getting it .. she told me she always wanted a peppy le pue ( skunk ) tattoo but she is too old now i said nahhh just go get it (; she leaned in and said my husband would kick my ass and whispered this haaaaa i said awe must be a man thing that is what my husband tells me every time i come home from getting one . she left smiling i ran back into her few isles down she was looking at a box of crackers real confused, she said to me my husband went all these years not diabetic but now he is .. i said well i have this app on my phone might be easier ( foodacate ) it gives u a grade a-d she was impressed and said well ill just walk with you the rest of way through u seem to be helpful (: i didn't mind she was a bit slower but nice to talk to.. i gave her some coupons for items she had in her cart and told her they doubled up to a dollar. we got to talking and in the back of my mind she just put me so much in mind of my nan , from how she treated others, how she talked about her husband , to somewhat how she looked.. idk didn't think too much about it after we checked out she walked to my car as she was parked just a few cars up from mine and said can i ask you a question i said sure .. she said can i have ur number and maybe when u go shopping again i can tag along u helped and saved me alot i said sure . as she got out her pencil and paper out to write down my number (: i said here i have a ton of extra shampoo and conditioner i got free today .. she was impressed how do u get it for free ? just said coupons and matching up sale items its hard to explain ill teach u though haha she was so grateful and would have thought i gave her 1,000 dollars she hugged me and walked away saying ill call u ... then she turned around and said i dont think i introduced myself im sorry hugged me again as she was hugging me said my name is Margaret ..... i must have had a weird look on my face she said what i said nothing (: call when u want to go im always around as long as my kids are in school.. then when she pulled out i seen her pull over to this woman and her young kids ( the mom was holding a sign saying my family needs help waiting for goververment help ) then as i was thinking she was giving her some change ( as i did when i pulled into giant eagle ) as i finished loading my things and putting my cart away i pulled out by the family in need and noticed the woman i gave the shampoo and conditioner to had given it to her goes to show do good for others sometimes they will pass on that favor !

this touched me more than one ways for the reason right off the start how this woman was talking to me ect put me in mind of my nan when she left and told me her name Margaret i got a little weird just because that was my nans name as well !!!! everything  must happen for a reason

treat others the way u want to be treated and goes to show never judge by tattoos, age, skin color whatever 


  1. wow what an amazing experience! you are very blessed hun. I do not believe in coincidences. EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

  2. Aw that is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing!