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Sunday, September 2, 2012

how do u know me ?

me and jay just told this story .. thought i would share <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp"> years and years ago before we ever met i use to work at this advertising paper where i would go around and pick up ads within 100 mile radius .. jay had a car bussiness with his friend altho i never stopped there he somehow knew me ... this is how news travels

i have always dressed a bit off (; ( so some would say ) and i have tattoos and wear a lot of jewelry well this older man ( late 60s) had a carpet business i always liked going there he was very nice but he never knew my name he would always call me the gypsy i thought it was just his thing between me and him but how news travels he must have talked of me often ! somehow ppl 100 miles away new me as gypsy well my friend went to the bar one night she said she had someone she wanted me to meet ... this person was jay he looked at me ( never seeing me before ) and said omg u r the gypsy ... i smiled and said how did u know this ? i guess this older man new some of jays friends and always would mention me (: me and jay have been together ever since that night at the bar ... but 2 years after we started dating and him selling the car lot i found out that he bought my car i drove for the advertising business (:  years before we met (: was it fate ? im thankful for my husband and just love this story had to share <3 nbsp="nbsp">

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