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Friday, May 28, 2010

just me standing my ground a little bit (:

as i kno there will always be drama someone hating because they dont have what others do and someone always trying to bring you down to their shit level ! this is just life and is all normal we all are jelouse of someone and no matter how nice of a person you are or how good you try to be in life you will always find someone who knows this and tries to stop it before it happens these are haters in no way will i lower my standards and go to their level but the thing i will do is try and understand where some ppl like this come from how they were raised what they do in real life and if they really do love themselves? god gave us life we should be thankful ! our looks may not be perfect or nose like some say is to big or i may look like a guy like really ? i have said this many of times i will say it again LOOKS FADE the older you get and in the end when u are a lonley old lady/guy and have no one cause u talked shit on ppls looks and never et them in for who they where u will look back and realize all u have left are memories ! my nan always taught me if u never have ne thing nice to say dont say it at all or never say ne thing negitive u wouldnt want to hear about you ! i took this advice with pride and felt i always lived up to my standards ! im thankful for my big nose and will rock it out with big shades ! i do shop alot but helloooo if u see or watch my hauls im a cheap clearance shopper my kids are well taken care of and i dont think i need parent 101 with nutcases online ( some not all ) where do i get all my money lol or am i trailer trash ha this just blows my mind really does you shouldnt judge ne one other than the personality and if you dont like someone for who they are NOT looks the true person they are then cut ties and forget dont dwell on someone u dispise so bad cause ill look at it as u are a jelouse hater lol i would never take my time up with something or someone i hate i just forget ! and remember there is always 2 sides to a story ~ even if u think u kno all you are prob more than likely left in the dark ~! so my advice !!! is love yourself for who you are ! be thankful for what you have alot not alot whatever we all work our ass off to get where we are today to the young ones >>> dont let ne one tell u that u cant do something u have ur whole life in frount of u take advantage of it ! and always remember u have more ppl who love u than hate u ! and 90% of the time the ones who hate u are the biggest ppl jelouse of what u do and just cant handle life ! and if someone is going to hate you for just what you look at really its not worth ur time worry about u and others from the inside out and then looks dont get me wrong looks fashion and all is fun but shouldnt be the only main focus ! if your a good person inside it will be more reconizable to others and will stay with you a life time rather than being hot now will fade as age catches up with you imbrase yourself and god bless !


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